To write the provincial LLQP licensing exam, it is necessary to register with Durham College. To Register, click on the “Registration” link above. Prior to. The following tables have been adapted from the LLQP Design Document understanding, necessary for the Accident and Sickness, Restricted LLQP or the full. Find Llqp in Books | Buy or sell books in Ontario – all the good books you can read: novels, text books, free books, used books, photo books, classics & more on.

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Depending on the jurisdiction see abovestudents will be required to take one or both these modules. How do I take an online exam? The life insurance module biok the financial implications of death and how life insurance can be used to address those needs. You must register a minimum of seven 7 days prior to the exam date.

The module also covers group insurance, taxation of life insurance, business life insurance, and the application and underwriting process. Once the Design Document was in place, the lllqp created exams that students would have to pass in order to be able to apply for certification to sell insurance. You may register online during this time; registration confirmations will be sent January 2nd.

Views Read Edit View history. Once the certification exam is completed, and criminal records checks are submitted, applicants may apply to their provincial insurance council to write the licensing exam.

“llqp” in Books in Ontario

Before an advisor in the financial services sector is allowed to begin selling life insurance products, they must complete and pass LLQP, and earn a certificate of completion. This is not a valid educational process; this candidate has learned the answers to the exam questions, but does not likely understand the underlying material. Archived from the original PDF on Instead of insurers tying up resources dealing with training and human resources management, this burden was now passed directly to the agents, through lkqp MGAs.


If a valid certification is not showing lqp CIPR at that time, the Candidate will not be permitted to write their exam modules and will forfeit their exam fee.

This was largely the result of declining interest rates on safe, income-producing investments such as bond and treasury billthough this was not the only problem. You must pass all the certification exams in order for IFSE to certify you. Under previous regimes, candidates would sometimes write an exam, fail it, write the next week, and so forth, until they had learned the proper answers to all the questions in the exam.

Accident and Sickness Insurance.

LLQP – Wikipedia

A copy of the receipt will appear and can be printed for your records. Internally, many insurers, in an effort to cut costs, chose to eliminate their in-house sales forces.

In general, you will have one year to pass all your exams. Depending on the license type and jurisdiction, you take the module combination that’s right for you.

For example, if you want to be certified for LLQP common lawyou must pass all the following exams before IFSE will certify you to write the provincial exams: The feeling was that by enforcing higher educational standards at the beginning, new agents would enter into the industry better prepared. Many insurers switched to the insurance broker llqo. It was criticized for making entry into the insurance industry too challenging, and there was a fear that recruiting by bok and managing general agents would suffer.

Several existing education providers were approached to develop textbooks, seminars, and exam processes to validate students in preparation for the certification exam. The flash cards are designed to mimic a tutor by asking simple questions and providing llqqp explanations.

Life License Qualification Program (LLQP)

Once you have logged in: Note that bathroom breaks are not permitted for this exam! Since that time, there have been some changes to the LLQP process, but it has largely stayed intact as originally envisioned. There are exceptions, but these are so rarely applied llqpp they should not even be considered. The LLQP exam certificate is valid in all provinces and territories except Quebecwhich uses a separate system altogether. Please verify how many business days your course provider will require to update your certification status on your CIPR profile, once you have completed your ENTIRE certification program.


Writers are given four hours to complete the exam. You can access your online exam by logging into your IFSE account. You must contact us to pay the re-write fee.

The exam originally was a question five-answer multiple choice exam, with a heavy orientation towards case-study style multiple choice questions. In this module, you will learn about segregated funds and annuities such as the types of investments, their unique features, benefits for clients, and the tax considerations.

There are two versions of the LLQP: If you do not have a contract code, click “No”. Concurrently, the regulators determined that they wanted to avoid a scenario which had lkqp in the days prior to the LLQP.

Under the llpq system, a Managing general agent MGA takes on most of the responsibilities that once fell to the career shops.

Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) – LLQP Exam in Ontario

IFSE Institute cannot be held responsible for technical problems that you experience with your equipment or internet service.

How long after I pass my certification exams do I have to pass my provincial licensing exams? Application is done through the licensing regulatory body for the specific province. Educational companies, such as IFSE Institute, [6] will begin offering programs to candidates that will accommodate the new modular exams. In order to prevent this, it was determined that, prior to challenging the provincial certification exam, any candidate would llap to first be certified by an authorized education provider.

What is the cost to rewrite an online exam?