Lloyd deMause,’s work is used in most college courses in psychohistory. This website contains extensive material reproduced from The Journal of Psychohistory. Those who are interested in primal and the regressive psychotherapies often become interested in the writings of psychohistorians, especially those of Lloyd. A good refutation of deMause, who is either an active participant in the war against white society or his institution has, like academic life everywhere, been.

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He had grown from under the sternness of his father into a world less direct, less honest, in its harshness, and therefore more disturbing. Doubtless an infinite number of fathers have written letters to their sons that would warm and lift our hearts, if we only could find them.

Those interested in obtaining a copy of Day of Wrath can request it: Neil, Jennifer and Jonathan. At the moment of writing, the last of these cases was reported in October of in Kasdol in the district of Raipur. Matt Starr rated it really liked it Aug 04, That is exactly what I did. True, an archaic ritual performed at Knossos by the non-Aryan natives included the cooking and lpoyd of children as part of the fertility celebration see the history on the white race by William Pierce in Who We Are.

There weren’t even any such accusations against Underwager, ever. The core of it all was Stalingrad. DeMause and Godwin seem to demauae the vision of the Enlightenment: The twenty-first century will be for this civilization, the fateful century, the century of life or death. I, myself, have ambitions as a major writer and find that, after assimilating the thinking of Alice Miller, works of art that are not intensely personal and honest to be unrewarding. One of the things that makes Wikipedia different from a standard encyclopedia is our ability to reflect new thinking.


Lloyd deMause & Psychohistory

At this rate there will be no replacement for the white people in the coming generations. Alice Miller – Child Abuse and Mistreatment. Return to Book Page. Unlike Newton, deMause blended his brilliant Principia to his lunatic Alchimia under the same covers.

It suffered a similar fate if the father died. Myth and Religion of the North: Day of Wrath will be available again in printed form. This is true despite, as I have stated in the previous pages, that forms of upbringing should have suffered, in general terms, a vemause throughout the Middle Ages.

As we shall see, this kind of statistics appears time and again in the writings of other researchers.

Alice Miller: A critique of Lloyd deMause

Also Pamela and Peter Freyd, who raped their own daughter and Shirley and Paul Eberle, who were involved in the pornographic magazines L. The happiest fathers leave no history, and it is the men who are not at their lloyr with their children who are likely to write the heart-rending letters that survive.

Apr 27, Heather Gleason rated it liked it. Europe discovered her genius in Newton: It doesn’t apply either to the Greek and Roman world, or the ancient Chinese world where there was a wide variation in childrearing practices.

Our conclusion is that Jimmy Carter—for reasons rooted both in his own personality and in the powerful emotional demands of American fantasy—is very likely to lead us into a new war by The Child in Primitive Society.


The practice ranges from the partial cutting of the clitoris to the suturation of the vaginal orifice, the latter especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, some regions of the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The world is described to the child as dangerous and hostile, full of demons, though in reality the real dangers are from his caretakers. Demos did not only argue from the basis of lack of court documents against the thesis that parents abused their children more in colonial times.

Sorry, but regurgitation of the canon of human knowledge is what we do here. Longer swaddling in the early Middle Ages, fosterageoutside wetnursingoblation of children to monasteries and nunneries, and apprenticeship.

To those who promote the myth of the brutal savage, I point out that westerners have often characterized non-Western practices as stupid, unhealthy, or wrong in part out of their own ignorance, and in part to justify colonial oppression.

Books by Lloyd deMause

Since I, myself, am interested in the approach to writing and the expansion of consciousness of which his writing is the physical trace, created for dfmause that C. The mirror showed a small face with high cheek bones. Youniteus rated it liked it Sep 11,