Um livro que me fez chorar e não gosto de chorar! Uma história que tem algo de mim e tanto de gente de que eu gosto. Uma história cruel sobre amor. Sobre o. O livro Dançando Sobre Cacos de Vidro, da autora Ka Hancock, publicado no Brasil pela Editora Arqueiro, em , de páginas, é uma boa pedida pa. Olá faroleiros! Tem resenha do livro Dançando Sobre Cacos de Vidro da autora: Ka Hancock/Dancing on Broken Glass, publicado pela Editora Arqueiro.

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I’m linking my reviews of both so I don’t have to search for them when I want to see my status updates. I nearly fell off the treadmill at our local rec center, crying viddo eyes out.

Und erst recht nicht heiraten. I had to walk away from it several times, but I always came back because I couldn’t give up on these characters. See my reread here.

Dancing on Broken Glass by Ka Hancock

There are so many facets of this book that I loved. At the beginning of most chapters, Mickey provides a journal entry. Somewhere between raising her family, going to school, working and getting the laundry done, she managed to write a novel that takes an unvarnished look at imperfect love, loss, and bipolar disorder.

This vidr has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Wer von Jojo Moyes begeistert ist, sollte unbedingt auch Ka Hancock lesen. Overall, I really enjoyed this listening gidro.


This feeling didn’t really go away until the very end—an ending I both saw coming but didn’t want to believe.

Mickey Chandler is seriously flawed with bipolar disorder. It’s the kind of women’s fiction I aspire to write myself and it inspired me to keep digging and keep ee as a writer. The joys and challenges of co-parenting a child, given their personalities and life circumstances, would have made for a much more compelling story.

The details were rich and they painted a picture with a nice depth. Thanks for the mention Susan Walters Peterson Stellar company indeed!! Having lived with a spouse with a serious mental illness encouraged me to jump right on board. It is a love story, one that is imperfect, but yet so true.

Dancing On Broken Glass. Please read it, you will not be disappointed!!!

Dancing on Broken Glass

Unfortunately, that kind of support is not available to most of the mentally ill in America. Thanks so much Susan Walters Peterson Day made!

View all 9 comments. I’ll start with the first thing that comes to my mind. There is much, much more that I want to say about this but I’m afraid of spoiling it. The author does a better job here of making him an intersting, complex character; he is not above trying to manipulate his illness–and manipulate caos around him with his illness–from time to time.

I felt all of this as the reader, which is such a testament to just how fantastic Hancock’s writing is. She has faulty genes. But when Lucy shows up for a sobrd physical just shy of their eleventh anniversary, she gets an impossible surprise that changes everything. Because I think it’s special.


Dançando sobre cacos de vidro by Ka Hancock on Apple Books

I also found myself very annoyed that both Lucy and Mickey’s medical providers Gleason and Charlotte were so unrealistically involved in their personal lives, and so constantly available — and that the care they received was so stellar. Because it hit at the heart strings and begged me to wonder “If it was me, what would I do? The relationships and characters Hancock develops are wonderful.

I enjoyed the concept of this book as it is rare to read a love story that involves someone with bipolar disorder. Be sure to keep the tissues handy. The doctor tells Lucy she has cancer and then we journey through her treatment with llvro. I appreciate Ka providing me lkvro a book in exchange for an honest review. Too many of those who are dealing with illness in themselves and their loved ones are forced into denial and isolation dahando our society.

I was totally with Lucy and Mickey the whole way, which also made me ride the tumultuous waves of emotions that is this book. I finished reading thi…. This book will leave you in an emotional sobee of mind. May 26, Jeanette rated it it was amazing.