Before You Read. “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” by Leslie Marmon Silko. Born About Silko. “I was fortunate to be reared by my great-grandmother and. Silko, Leslie Marmon. Genre. Short Story. Overview. Published in , “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” depicts the story of an old man who is found dead in a. Leon: Grandson of Teofilo, brother-in-law of Ken, round character; Ken: Grandson of Teofilo, brother-in-law of Leon, flat character; Father Paul.

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Time in its historical dimension is unimportant as it is an endlessly repeating cycle in which man is but a minute part of the lesliee. Only when this is done is one prepared to deal with the problems of the present. The Spanish first entered the area inwhen Francesco de Coronado led an expedition to Zuni and two years later passed through the present site of Laguna on his way back to Mexico.

Drops of water fell on the red blanket and soaked into dark icy spots. Later at mxn, the funeral is performed with clanspeople and old men with medicine bags attending.

Antonio Espejo, who commanded an expedition to New Mexico invisited the area in The importance of ritual in Pueblo Indian life is emphasized at the beginning of the story when Leon and Ken, after finding old Teofilo dead, immediately observe the first stages of the funeral rites.

According to Parsons, this group led the Americanization faction which was opposed by the pueblo hierarchy. When a demand arose later for the revival of the dances, Zuni influences were introduced into Laguna rituals. The tribe occupied the site of what is now called Laguna by the early s. The story reflects life on the Laguna Indian Reservation in the s. This place I am from is everything I am as a writer and human being. For more than 12, years the Pueblo had lived in the region and traditional religious beliefs permeated every aspect of life.


But after the white people came, elements in this world began to shift; and it became necessary to create new ceremonies. Although her part is minor, it is her suggestion that triggers the culture clash in the story.

In the late s there was an interest in indigenous cultures in America. According to their origin legends, the Laguna tribe in existence since at leastcame southward from the Mesa Verde region. It was an opening up worldwide.

He has affection and respect for his parishioners, as seen in his concern for old Teofilo. I could have brought the Last Rites anyway. In she was awarded a John D.

One illustration of this is the following passage: Over the karmon, a few Navajos intermarried with the tribe, bringing with them the Navajo Sun clan and kachina.

The Man to Send Rain Clouds by Briana Jordan on Prezi

Throughout the story, Silko emphasizes that the strength of Pueblo traditions lies in their ability to incorporate alien elements into their own way of life. All I knew was my growing up at Laguna, recalling some other stories that I had been told as a child. The story is based on an incident Silko had heard about in her hometown of Laguna, New Mexico: Silko demonstrates a skillful use of irony in the story, notably in her depiction of the young priest, an authority figure who wants the Indians to follow Catholic ways but, in the end, himself uses holy water as part of a traditional Indian ceremony, participating in a non-Christian ceremony.

Some versions indicate that after pausing at Zia, they were joined by the head of the Parrot clan, who decided to take his people southward with them.

The Man to Send Rain Clouds |

They also scatter corn and sprinkle water to provide food and water for the spirit on its journey to the other world. The encounter between the young priest, who is denied the opportunity to perform Catholic rites, and Leon, who insists that such rites are not necessary, is humorous.


The conservatives removed their altars and sacred objects from Laguna and moved to Mesita; aroundpart of lesile group resettled in Isleta. Gilbert sees this strategy as a matter of re-vision, seeing anew: The rituals in the story underscore tye Pueblo concept of death.

Realizing that he has been tricked into participating in their pagan rites and go suspecting that the whole thing may be just a spring fertility ceremony rather than a real funeral, he nevertheless sprinkles the grave with a whole jar of holy water.

Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Leon continues to follow the Pueblo rites and persuades the Father Paul to participate in them, as well. Also, she is an artist who wants to apply her imagination to the telling of tales, and to her, the essence of this particular incident is the story of this instance of cultural clash with the feelings clouda ideas involved.

The Man to Send Rain Clouds

In an interview she has stated: Leon waited under the tree while Ken drove the truck through the deep sand to the edge of the arroyo. The priest approached the grave slowly. Born in in Rakn, New Mexico, she grew up on the nearby Laguna Pueblo Reservation, where she was raised within a family of mixed Indian, Mexican, and white descent.