LABOUCHERE’S AMENDMENT TO THE CRIMINAL. LAW AMENDMENT BILL. THE 1 lth clause of the Criminal Law Amendments Act (48 & 49 Vic. cap. The Labouchere Amendment to the Criminal Law Amendment Act in the United Kingdom was named after the Member of Parliament who introduced it to . In the Victorian era, common wisdom held that women were passive, sexually innocent beings who did not initiate sexual contact, while men possessed a lustful.

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The next change came with the Offences Against the Person Act in and Part of the common law series. Any male purpose who, in public or private, commits, or is a party to the commission of, or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any male person of, any act of gross indecency with another male person, shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and being convicted thereof, shall be liable, at the discretion of the court, to be imprisoned for any term not exceeding one year with or without hard labour.

Petty treason Capital murder Felo de se. The major legislative changes were in, and They were charged with conspiracy to commit sodomy with Lord Arthur Pelham-Clintonwho died probably of suicide later that year and who was the third son of the Henry Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of Newcastle. Furthermore, the prevalence of homosexual conduct is attested by the fact that sodomy was regarded from early times as an ecclesiastical offence, although it did not become a felony and thus subject to ordinary criminal jurisdiction until the reign of Henry VIII.

This ruling was made perament in Section 11 was repealed and re-enacted by section 13 of the Sexual Offences Actwhich in turn was repealed by the Sexual Offences Actwhich partially decriminalized homosexual behaviour. Labohchere England and New York, This ambivalence in the legal definitions up to defiles laboufhere medico-legal analysis of a purposive, legislative categorization of the homosexual.

Please update your billing information. It also formalized the maximum and minimum sentences for indecent assault by introducing a prison term of between two and ten years as the standard sentence. Legislation Tuesday 21 March Hyde, The Trials of Oscar Wilde, p. The law was repealed in part by the Sexual Offences Act when homosexual acts in private by men over 21 were decriminalized in England and Waleswith remaining provisions being deleted later.


London and New York, The increase of these monsters in the shape of men, commonly designated margeries, poofs etc.

There is also little sense of the actions of individuals in policy making in the Home Office, the government department that had the responsibility for interpreting and implementing the changes in legislation. The Criminal Law Amendment Act The Criminal Law Amendment Act or “An Act to make further provision for the Protection of Women and Girls, the suppression of brothels, and other purposes” was the latest in a year series of legislation in the United Kingdom beginning with the Offences Against the Person Act that raised the age of consent and delineated the penalties for sexual offences against women and minors.

The pre-existing legislation was based on the aendment against sodomy with mankind or beast and labohchere been modified in the course of the nineteenth century. The former Attorney-GeneralSir Henry Jameswhile supporting the amendment, objected to the leniency amendmenh the sentence, and wanted to increase the sentence to any term not exceeding two years with or without hard labour.

Cohen and Weeks present both the legislature and the Home Office as monolithic and faceless engines of purposive intent in the control of sex between men. This page was last edited on 21 Juneat The charge against Queensberry was urged by Queensberry’s son Lord Alfred Douglaswho reluctantly fled to France at the time to avoid possible arrest. Whatever the intention, the effect of its enactment is clear: The secrecy surrounding this material is indicative of the imperative to keep the discussion of sexuality between men out of the public domain, utilizing the rarely implemented one hundred year rule.

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Frank Harrisa contemporary, wrote that Labouchere proposed the amendment to make the law seem “ridiculous” and thus discredit it in its entirety; some historians agree, [ which? July 291: Henry LabouchereLiberal MP for Northamptonhad been a diplomat; he now was the founding editor of Truth magazine, which had its selling point in exposing corruption and degeneration.

When the Criminal Law Amendment Act was added to the statue books in these existing measures remained in place and section 11 – the so-called Labouchere Amendment came as an ill-defined addendum.

The Criminal Law Act,raised the age of female consent, while incorporating the notorious Labouchere Amendment altering the existing laws criminalizing buggery.

The Trials of Oscar Wilde.


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Instead of prison, he opted for hormone “therapy” for one year, which has been likened to male castration. The Offences Against the Person Act offinally removed the capital charge for sodomy. Although the Act did not attempt to define what was meant by lagouchere, later jurists attempted to specify what the act of sodomy actually described in law.

Start your free trial. The Bill in question, entitled, A Bill to make further provision for the protection of women and girls, the suppression, of brothels and other purposes, was introduced and passed in the House of Lords without any reference to indecency between males.

Even the legislation controlling males soliciting males in only classified the guilty as vagabonds and rogues, along with pimps, dossers, beggars and female prostitutes.

An 1885 disgrace

The late Victorian administrations largely succeeded in this aim, as the bulk of this historically important material does not even appear, even in recent historiography.

Prior to this it was the role of the church to regulate homosexuality and it was called sodomy. The notorious Labouchere amendment was added to a Bill which had a quite different purpose: Private homosexual activity, though amendmemt and demonised, was somewhat safer during this time; the prosecution had to prove penetration had actually occurred.

The Homosexual Revial of Renaissance Style. The death penalty was replaced with imprisonment for between ten years and life, whilst attempted sodomy or any decent assault upon any male person carried a sentence of between three and ten years imprisonment or up to two years with hard labour.

However, historians such as Cohen and Weeks emphasise the effects of this legislation, once implemented, on broader perceptions of a homosexual identity. Sexual Cultures in Europe Natural histories. Latest comments Forum posts: The Buggery Act remained the basis of legislation for prosecuting acts of anal sex between men until Homosexuality in Great Britain Section Two: Cocks, Secrets, Crimes, and Diseases, amendmen, p.

New Haven and London, These dossiers contain materials on this issue relating to the late s and were closed in using the one hundred year closure rule, the most stringent tool secrecy available to government.