General Information. Location: SEATTLE WA USA. ICAO/IATA: KSEA / SEA. Lat/ Long: N47° ‘, W° ‘. Elevation: ft. Airport Use. This SID requires the following climb gradients: Rwy 16L: ATC climb of . Trans level: FL Trans alt: ‘. KSEA/SEA. Apt Elev. ‘. SID. SEATTLE. KSEA/SEA IFR Plates for Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport – (Seattle, WA).

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When you have 30 items in a list it’s hard to see the one that’s 6th.


There are two issues that we need to deal with. I’ve included a few of these, but do note that these direct links will become invalid when the current cycle expires. I took off and did an approximation of this but apparently not a good one as the next controller asked why I was flying where I was when handed off to him.

We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal. From there you would be vectored back towards the west and south, to intercept the localizer for your assigned runway.

Excellent tutorial as ever Tom! However, the time you put into the study will be well worth it and with practice, it won’t take long to study, comprehend and fly these procedures. If this happens to you, you can find the same charts on the myairplane.


File Library – What’s New. Unfortunately, AVSIM places an upper limit on how many images can be included in a post, so I’ve had to split it into several separate posts.

SEA – Seattle-Tacoma International Airport | SkyVector

Donate to our annual general fund. Rich Heimlich wrote: Ian Elchitz Posts: It was great and I understood it this time. Posted August 20, I’d like to thank everyone for the help here. Note that there are two pdf files covering SADDE6, one containing a plan view and the other kswa textual description. That heading will take you to the west of the field allowing ATC to give you a nice turn to final.

By Rich Heimlich – Fri Jun 16, 7: Heading directly to the airport after OLM will make it very difficult to give you nice vectors. Again, usually identified by Letters, then a single number.

That’s also what confused me. This is a direct link. By Ian Elchitz – Fri Jun 16, 6: By Rich Heimlich – Fri Jun 16, 6: If you cannot find this page by following my instructions, this is a direct link.

Notice that the first one in the list on my screenshot is an Alaska Airlines flight si a Boeing What to take from all of this?

SIDs, STARs, and Approach Transitions – Worked Example III – PMDG NGX – The AVSIM Community

Your efforts are much appreciated, Ray! Hey Ray, where’s the Follow kseq link titled ” digital – Terminal Procedures ” to open the current terminal procedures.


I turned left a little more than the 85 radial and waited. I could have declared a missed approach but really needed to head out so I took the attack approach.

If I have some time Monday or Tuesday I’ll take a look at your suggestions. Classified, Want, Swap Ads. Another good source of US charts is skyvector. Press the EXEC button after making your change. Sif issue I ran into was that I was extremely close to KSEA on my right and the controller had me essentially make my turn at Does that sound right? Again, thanks for all the help.

Posted August 19, The SID referred to making a left turn which gives the impression of a much larger turn. I was beginning to wonder if siv had started working for PMDG. Antonio Castro and 3 guests.

To understand why this happens, look at the STAR diagram again: