ANALYSIS By Ben Hayward | Spanish Football Editor Veni, vidi, vici – I came, I saw, I conquered. Julius Caesar in 47 BC, not Jose Mourinho in. José Mourinho forgot happiness need not be a weakness 2 Ken Early: Like Napoleon, Mourinho is the outsider always trying to prove himself. of José Mourinho’s leadership approach, Soccer & Society reading, posing in their stadium, veni, vidi, vici, letting emerge48 a new reality in.

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Ancelotti built his reputation with a ludicrously talented Parma squad that vni the likes of Hernan Crespo, Gigi Buffon and Fabio Cannavaro but his subsequent move to Juventus was an objective failure.

This was City laying down a marker for the future.

Veni Vidi Vici! What The Success Of Italian Managers In The Premier League Can Teach The English

Despite his status as a Juventus legend, Conte wasn’t ushered to the high rollers tables without paying his dues. Obviously, England needs to catch up to the European crowd by producing more UEFA qualified coaches, that much is certain – and the statistics are damning.

From start to bitter end, Ranieri’s whirlwind rise and fall defied all explanation and rational analysis. Consider, for instance, the fact that he led Porto a club much vaunted for their exploits within Portugal, but not as much on the elite European front to a Champions League title, beating the likes of Olympique LyonnaisDeportivo la Coruna and Manchester United along the way.

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Why Manchester City had to win the Manchester derby

It was also a chance for City to demonstrate that they were definitely as good as, or even superior to, if we wanted to push the envelope a little bit further United.

While these two scenarios cannot be subjected to a like-for-like comparison, they illustrate not just what makes Mourinho different from a Villas-Boas, but also what makes him the Jose Mourinho we know him to be today.

Perhaps it is fitting that such a disappontingly low-quality season, as evidenced in this low-quality game first half: And when he did, his teams fell into decline. Barring a fall almost as great as Leicester’s rise, Chelsea will be Premier League champions and Conte, remarkably, will be the fourth Italian to win the competition as a manager since its inception 25 years ago.

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Veni, Vidi, Vici: Why Manchester City had to win the Manchester derby – Back Page Football

In hindsight, both had worked out plans and strategies meticulously in their heads. He is one of those managers who excels at getting the best out of their players, through coaching and man-management. But the Portuguese coach may have muttered those immortal words more than once as well, at least to himself. Even though the quest to retain their trophy is almost definitely futile now, City still went toe-to-toe with United for much of the game, ably repelling United attacks, and carving out opportunities of their own, instead of giving up and rolling over.

He is more of a technician than a tactician, the difference being that he maximizes the chances of good results on the field through methods he trusts, rather than inventing new tactics, positions or formations based on his team.

It is also exactly what Mancini needs to do at Man City.

For Inter Milan, he secured the first ever Treble in their history. The grating whines that young British managers don’t get chances in the Premier League, might fall on more sympathetic ears if the foreigners coming in weren’t so darn good, and so much more experienced.

But is it really his fault? The noisy neighbours are not going away any time soon. Serie A might have a reputation for putting the manager’s head on the chopping block quicker than a medieval prince, but perceived failure in one job has never hindered the persistent from getting mouribho on the horse, learning from mistakes and improving.

The underlying successes of the masters of calcio in England and across Europe could be written off by some as coincidences.

The quartet of Vlci, Ranieri, Mancini and Ancelotti should not just be viewed as disparate, otherworldly super bosses hand picked from Europe at the expense of homegrown options, but rather as case studies in longevity and durability, and as a possible blueprint for building winners. Despite his status as a Juventus legend, Conte wasn’t ushered to the high rollers tables without paying his dues.


Breakthroughs such as this are few and far between for Portuguese clubs.

Pragmatism and efficiency form the undertones of every single bit of praise that he receives. In a sense, venl was a Manchester derby that City absolutely had to win, to reassert the fact that although this was not their season, they will continue to be challenging for honors in seasons to come.

This season United have been a lot more focused than City, vicu in the games against mid-table sides, the so-called bread-and-butter games.

Statistics seldom lie, they often merely deceive. They also went through three different coaches. The Italian connection is a success story that has drifted somewhat under the radar.

Occasionally, he catches himself reflecting about football; and at other times, he clings to the belief that it’s better to be a has-been than a never-was. Beyond the confines of England, Italian is also the only nationality to have had a winning manager in all of Europe’s ‘big five’ leagues, and has won the Champions League six times since its rebrand – level only with Spain for the number of managerial victories by nationality.

Jose Mourinho: “The Alexander of Europe” |

Ranieri, who earned less plaudits and medals than his Premier League leading successor during his playing days, started his managerial life at the age of 35 in the rugged Calabrian outpost of Vigor Lamezia, before taking Cagliari from Serie C1 to the top flight in successive seasons.

Secondly, contrary to popular myth, Blighty-bound Italians don’t receive preferential treatment in the most expensive league around. While Ranieri may have departed Leicester’s bonkers ride, one of the few predictable things to come from the wider story is that his torch should be passed to Chelsea’s Antonio Conte.