Cardiphonia or the Utterance of the Heart has 21 ratings and 4 reviews. Jeremy said: I’ve This is a compilation of John Newton’s letters to various people. This is a beautiful short text by the famous hymnodist John Newton based in Pauls benediction to the Corinthians (2 Cor ). There is nothing more Biblically. Cardiphonia, Or, The Utterance of the Heart: In the Course of a Real Correspondence John Newton’s letters to Christians and non-Christians alike are full of.

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Exalted as was the social position of Lord Dartmouth, he did not escape the misrepresentations and even the ridicule of some of his friends, who regarded his opinions and practices as fanatical and absurd. What thanks do we owe, that though we have not yet attained perfectly this great lesson — yet we are admitted into that school where alone it can be learned; and though we are poor, slow scholarsthe great and effectual teacher to whom we have been encouraged and enabled to apply — can and will bring us forward!

Upon the death of his grandfather, inhe succeeded to the earldom. And it would johj likewise more abundantly, and perhaps more sensibly afforded — were our spirits more simple in waiting upon the Lord.

Cardiphonia or the Utterance of the Heart

As they grow up, they are subject to discipline and must learn obedience. They are headed cardiphoniaa Eighteen Letters addressed to several Ladies ” principally however to Miss Medhurst. One sight of Jesus as He is — will fill our hearts, and dry up all our tears!

He who has been with us thus far — will be with us to the end. Such an arrangement has another advantage. The best advice I can send, or the best wish I can form for you, is, that you may have an abiding and experimental sense of those words of the apostle which are just now upon my mind, “Looking unto Jesus! Not only were OmicronCardiphoniaand Letters to a Wifepublished by himself — but there are also his Posthumous Lettersand several separate volumes published by his friends, together with very many more which have never seen the light.

While the style is somewhat dated, the content is quite easily accessible. Eight Letters to the Rev Mr. The enemy has often thrust sore at us that we might fall; but the Lord has been our stay! Your heart is not worse than it was formerly, only your spiritual knowledge is increased.


My heart will be with you there, and I and my dear friends attempting to pray for you all.

Cardiphonia : or, The utterance of the heart

Though we are poor — He is rich; though we are weak — He is strong; though we have nothing — He possesses all things. Five Letters to Mr C. To his grace I commend each of you. And though what we say, or write, or do, may seem no way extraordinary — yet that we should be led to such a particular turn of thought at one time rather than at another, has, in my own concerns — often appeared to me remarkable, from the circumstances which have attended, or the consequences which have followed.

Other editions – View all Cardiphonia:: Or, The Utterance of the Heart; in the Course of a Though the believer is nothing in himself — yet having all in Jesus — he may rejoice in his name all cardiphonka day.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Newton for the principal volumes of his letters, and they are truly the voice of the hewton. But, as I said at the beginning, no general positive rules can be laid down.

Twentysix Letters johm a Nobleman. I thought they were rather in danger of being proud, when they saw themselves provided for in such an extraordinary way. Indeed, Lord and Lady Dartmouth very soon attracted general attention for the profession of religion they made, and the countenance they afforded to faithful ministers of Christ, suspected of what was called “Methodism.

But He is the great, the infallible Physician. There is a difference in kind between the feeblest efforts of faith in a real believer, while he is covered with shame at the thoughts of his sins — and the highest and cardiphlnia splendid attainments of those who are wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight.

John Newton – Cardiphonia

This is a masterpiece of the counsel of a man who was saturated by Jesus Christ and His amazing grace. How much weakness and inconsistency, even in those whose hearts are right with the Lord!

Even now, while I write, and while you read — they are praising the Lamb who was slain, and casting their crowns at his feet! It befits us to be humbled into the dust; yet our grief, though it cannot be too great — may be under a wrong direction; and if it leads us to impatience or distrust, it certainly jojn so. Yet surely if we could, we would set him always before us; his love should be the delightful theme of our hearts:.


We would be better pleased, perhaps, to be set up with a stock or sufficiency at once, such an inherent portion of wisdom and power, as we might depend upon — at least for common occasions, without being constrained by a sense of indigence, to have continual recourse to the Lord for everything we need. Shall we not rather rejoice that we have the honor to appear in such a cause, under such cardiphoniq Captain, such a banner, and in such company?

Set up a giveaway. Obedience is the best test; and when, amidst all our imperfections, we can humbly appeal concerning the sincerity of our desires — this is a mercy for which we ought to be greatly thankful.

Remember us to all friends. We are not required to afflict ourselves immoderately for what is not in our power to prevent, nor should anything that affords occasions for mortifying the spirit of self be accounted unnecessary. Perhaps we take it too much for granted, that communications from himself must bear some kind of sensible impression that they cardiphonai his — and therefore are ready to give our enwton industry or ingenuity credit for those performances in which we can perceive no such impression.

I would not indulge vain reasonings concerning the counsels, ways, and providences of God; yet I am prone to do it! Nor, until you come into my situation, and have death and eternity fully in your view — will it be possible for you to conceive the vast weight and importance of the truths you declare. Just so, when a sense of sin prevails, and the tempter is permitted to assault us with dark and dreadful suggestions — it is easy for another to say, “Do not be afraid!

We may well mourn that our love to the Lord is so faint and wavering; but oh! A time of weeping must come — but the morning of joy will make amends for all.