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Visualizing the heterogeneity of single cell data from time-lapse imaging. A iirly in the life of a Kabuto-mushi rhinoceros beetle lab. In one of the most contentious at least on Twitter! Sheldon, building on an earlier SMC attilz postpictured the harm that could be done if bad science were to be deposited on preprint servers and picked up by journalists, and wondered how rigorous science would fare in a journalistic ecosystem which prioritises breaking the story first i. The arguments swirled around the legitimacy of peer review, the responsibility of journalists to vet their stories properly, and the responsibility of scientists and university press offices not to oversell their kirlyy.

Away from the tumult, there was so much beautiful research deposited as preprints in July, from the molecular drivers of neurogenesis to the derivation of platypus pluripotent stem cells, cephalopod limb patterning to fern shoot development and, right at the bottom, a truly humungous humdinger of a fungus! Let us know if we missed anything, and use these links to get to the section you want: Positional information encoded in the dynamic differences between neighbouring oscillators during vertebrate segmentation.

Notch signalling patterns retinal composition by regulating atoh7 during atgila growth Alicia Perez Saturnino, Harbr Lust, Joachim Wittbrodt. Spontaneous symmetry breaking and pattern formation of organoids. Lmx1a drives Cux2 expression in the cortical joyn through activation of a conserved intronic enhancer.

Nuclear polymorphism and non-proliferative adult neurogenesis in human neural crest-derived cells. Hanna Shin, Rebecca Barbd. Cell-type specific patterned stimulus-independent neuronal activity in the Drosophila visual system during synapse formation Orkun Akin, Bryce T. The Drosophila chromodomain protein Kismet activates steroid hormone receptor transcription to govern axon pruning and memory in vivo.

Of puzzles and pavements: Lateral root priming synergystically arises from root growth and auxin transport dynamics Thea van den Berg, Kirsten H. Ethylene kurly stem trichome formation in Arabidopsis. Blood flow-induced Notch activation and endothelial migration enable embryonic vascular remodeling.

Morphogenesis of the Sternum in Quail Embryos. CBD-1 scaffolds two independent complexes required for eggshell vitelline layer formation and egg activation in C. Lamb, Diana Partida, Zachary T. Excitable RhoA dynamics drive pulsed contractions in the early C. Extracellular matrix regulates atitla and function of ciliated sensory organs in Caenorhabditis elegans Maureen M. Nguyen, David H Hall. Heterogeneity of transposon expression and activation of the repressive network in human fetal germ cells Boris Reznik, Steven A.


Zelda potentiates transcription factor binding to zygotic enhancers by increasing local chromatin accessibility during early Drosophila melanogaster embryogenesis. Mutation of sequences flanking and separating transcription factor binding sites in a Drosophila enhancer significantly alter its output Xiao-Yong Li, Michael Eisen.

Specific histone modifications associate with alternative exon selection during mammalian development Qiwen Hu, Casey Greene, Elizabeth Heller. Rewiring of transcription factor binding attil differentiating human embryonic stem cells is constrained by DNA sequence repeat symmetry Matan Goldshtein, David B. Genome-wide maps of distal gene regulatory regions active in the human placenta Joanna Zhang, Corinne N.

Simonti, John Anthony Capra. Bcl6 promotes neurogenic conversion through transcriptional repression of multiple self-renewal-promoting extrinsic pathways. Single-cell transcriptomics characterizes cell types in the subventricular zone and uncovers molecular defects underlying impaired adult neurogenesis Vera Zywitza, Aristotelis Misios, Lena Bunatyan, Thomas E. The regulatory kirl of Cebpa enhancers and silencers in the myeloid and red-blood cell lineages Andrea Repele, Shawn Krueger, Michelle Y.

Keith Ridgway: Hawthorn & Child | Asylum

Bewick, Zachary Sanchez, Elizabeth C. Loss kirpy CG methylation in Marchantia polymorpha causes disorganization of cell division and reveals unique DNA methylation regulatory mechanisms of non-CG methylation.

Many rice genes are differentially spliced between roots and shoots but cytokinin has minimal effect on splicing Nowlan H Freese, April R. Blakley, Jinjie Duan, Ann E. Platypus Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: Axin proteolysis by Iduna is required for the regulation of stem cell proliferation and intestinal homeostasis in Drosophila Yetis Gultekin, Hermann Steller.

Non-adhesive alginate hydrogels support growth of pluripotent stem cell-derived intestinal organoids Meghan M.

July in preprints

Putnam, Jason R Spence. Continuous single cell transcriptome dynamics from pluripotency to hemangiogenic lineage Haiyong Zhao, Kyunghee Choi. JNK-mediated spindle reorientation in stem cells promotes dysplasia in the aging intestine Daniel Hu, Heinrich Jasper.

Regeneration of dopaminergic neurons in adult zebrafish depends on immune system activation and differs for distinct populations Lindsey J. Davies, Leonardo Cavone, Karolina S. Semenova, Pertti Panula, J. Douglas Armstrong, Catherina G. Damage-induced reactive oxygen species enable regenerative signalling by the rapid repositioning of Hedgehog expressing cells.

Zebrafish duox mutations provide a model for human congenital hypothyroidism Kunal Chopra, Shoko Ishibashi, Enrique Amaya. Intracellular calcium dysregulation precedes muscle decline in C. Evolution of limb development in cephalopod mollusks Oscar A.

Quantitative comparison of the anterior-posterior patterning system in the embryos of five Drosophila species Zeba Wunderlich, Charless C.

Bragdon, Arash Abiri, Angela H. Myoglianin triggers the pre-metamorphosis stage in hemimetabolan insects Orathai Kamsoi, Xavier Belles. Divergent genetic mechanisms lead to spiny hair in mammals Gislene L. Goncalves, Renan Maestri, Gilson R. Step-wise evolution of temperature-mediated phenotypic plasticity in eyespot size across nymphalid butterflies Shivam Bhardwaj, Lim Si Hui Jolander, Markus R. Frederik Nijhout, Antonia Monteiro.


Evolution of the embryonic cis-regulatory landscapes between divergent Phallusia and Ciona ascidians. Rampant hybrid misexpression in craniofacial tissues within a recent adaptive radiation of Cyprinodon pupfishes Joseph Alan McGirr, Christopher Herbert Martin.

Did position-effect guide the evolutionary dynamics of developmental gene expression? Stern, Daniel Matute, Jean R. Evolution of neocortical folding: Base-pairing requirements for small RNA-mediated gene silencing of recessive self-incompatibility alleles in Arabidopsis halleri.

Smith, Nataliya Timoshevskaya, Vladimir A. Keinath, Drew Hardy, S. Extreme nuclear branching in healthy epidermal cells of the Xenopus tail fin Hannah E. Loss of vimentin intermediate filaments decreases peri-nuclear stiffness and enhances cell motility through confined spaces Alison Elise Patteson, Katarzyna Pogoda, Fitzroy J. Drosophila kinesin-8 stabilises kinetochore-microtubule interaction Tomoya Edzuka, Gohta Goshima.

Atypical septate junctions maintain the somatic enclosure around maturing spermatids and prevent premature sperm release in Drosophila testis. The Drosophila Cortactin Binding Protein 2 homolog, Nausicaa, regulates lamellipodial actin dynamics in a Cortactin-dependent manner.

The cytoskeleton as a smart composite material: Jones, Pakorn Kanchanawong, Alexander D. Dynamics of PAR proteins explain the oscillation and ratcheting mechanisms in dorsal closure Clinton H. Tensional homeostasis in multicellular clusters: Pulling in models of cell migration Christian A. Tiling light sheet selective plane illumination microscopy using discontinuous light sheets Liang Gao.

Commonly-used FRET fluorophores promote collapse of an otherwise disordered protein. Gantz, Gunnar Poplawski, Xiang-ru S. Xu, Ethan Bier, Kimberly L.

Up, down, and out: A simple and effective method to isolate germ nuclei from C. High cost of bias: Manipulating the alpha level cannot cure significance testing. Inferential statistics are descriptive statistics.

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July in preprints – the Node

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