Holiness is perhaps J.C. Ryle’s best known and, arguably, best loved book; ‘real practical holiness does not receive the attention it deserves.’ pp. HOLINESS. J. C. RYLE. 2. FOREWORD. One of the most encouraging and hopeful signs I have observed for many a long day in evangelical circles has been a. 73 quotes from Holiness: ‘A true Christian is one who has not only peace of conscience, but war within. He may be known by his warfare as well as by his.

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Holiness by J.C. Ryle

Reviewers praise his balance of honest, tough-love messages and compassionate, pastoral care. It is also a book that feels very fresh and relevant even though it was written nearly years ago.

The sermon on “Assurance” both holds out the reality of confidence in the work of Christ, coupled with the knowledge that one may not experience this and yet belong to Christ. Sep 21, Amy Ivey rated it it rle amazing Shelves: As God does nothing that is outside of His character, and if He is holy and righteous, this means He does no wrong.

How could you possibly be happy, if you had not been holy on earth?

It is better to be acquainted with Christ Himself. A Woman to be Remembered The same Bible that teaches that God in mercy and compassion sent Christ to save sinners also teaches that God hates sin and must by His nature punish those who cling to sin and refuse salvation John 3: This work is a study of holiness, or Hiliness perfection.


Ryle presents the case for holiness patiently, passionately, and persuasively. Preview — Holiness by J. My favorite chapters were and 9, 15, Fourth, he reminds rylr that when believers die they are with the Lord, and we need not fear for them in the slightest.

Then come four sermons around figures in scripture. Ryle draws out a number of lessons, the first nc which is Christ’s power and willingness to save sinners. This being the case, we are foolish if we delay our repentance and belief with the thought that we will attend to these things later. A generation that is Excellent, Excellent book! This book has to be one of the greatest on this subject ever written.

Is it a Bible in which Christ cj all? Believers looking for instructions on how to improve their lifestyle and continue the process of sanctification will value this book, which discusses grace, God’s love, and, of course, holiness. To which of all the saints would you join yourself, and by whose side would you sit down?

But it also tells us something of what God desires holinsss us as His children.

Chapter 2 is on sanctification, examining the true nature of sanctification and its visible marks. They no longer make a person singular. Let us live IN Christ. On so many levels I am indebted to Ryle for a more complete understanding on the biblical view of holiness. This book by Bishop Ryle helped me to wake up to my plight, and the plight of my generation.

This book will change your outlook on what it means to ry,e a life worthy of the Gospel. Let us live TO Christ. Peter commends is clean forgotten, 1 Peter iii.


It was Jesus Christ who delivered me with the hand of His grace, and plucked me from everlasting burnings. He lived from Ryle has been described as a Puritan out of time, and this is reflected in his writing style which is direct, realistic, and practical.

Holiness Quotes

Ryle’s Holiness, which was first published years ago, shows no signs of going out of style. Chapters 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 11, 14, 15 and 19 were particularly memorable. How to live as faithful witnesses, how to impact the world without conforming to it, how to have compassion without unconditional acceptance I’ll look forward to encouragement from this work and others like it as I continue my own life journey.

His writing has an austere beauty which also makes it memorable and very rylf to read. To be honest, any Christian who would take the time to read, meditate, and ponder the truths contained in this book will be the better Christian for it.

May 11, Liz rated it it was amazing. But at the same time, we need prayer and the work of the Spirit in our lives to conquer sin.

Ryle’s main concern was for the decline in practical holiness in his day.