INTERCAL manual. The culprits have sensibly declined to identify themselves .) INTERCAL was inspired by one ambition: to have a compiler language which. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. The inventors of INTERCAL implemented it, had a few laughs, and quickly forgot about it. However, the language manual lived on. The documentation itself was.

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This is a configure script produced by the GNU autoconf configure ; its autoconf source code is available in the file configure. Replacing Invariant Sections with translations requires special permission from their copyright holders, but you may include translations of some or all Invariant Sections in addition to the original versions of these Invariant Sections.

In all cases, division by 0 returns 0. When using this expansion library, you also need to give the -E option see -E so that the main system library is not included, or it will be used in preference to the expansion library.

In order to make sure that you have the most recent version, the easiest way is to look at the alt. A rightshift can much interdal easily be done with a single rightshift, so this is a silly way to do it, and this warning warns that this idiom was used. There are available variables of each type, numbered from. Try breaking the expression up into smaller expressions. The other operators all change, ontercal follows:.

That is, it looks like a function call being used as a standalone expression, but in fact the places where it can appear are more limited. Interrcal it is positive, the value of the onespot variable whose name is the popped integer is pushed onto the stack; if it is negative, the value of the twospot variable whose name is minus the popped integer is pushed onto the stack; and if it is zero, the command reflects.

The compiler and interacl strategy are among the “weird” features described:.

The Intercal Programming Language Reference Manual

This is useful because if the optimizer has generated kntercal large sequence of mixed ANDs and bitshifts, moving all the ANDs to one end allows them to be clumped together and optimized down to one AND, whilst the shifts can all be combined into one large shift. Any functions named main in the C files will be deleted; likewise, if there is a name clash between any two functions, the one in the file named earlier on the command line will be used.

You may wonder why this bug was preserved; it is in fact a bug that was carefully preserved since the days of INTERCALin intecal case, but the option to turn it off is available as a workaround. Warnings only come up when the -l option see -l is given; even then, some of the warnings are not intrrcal implemented and therefore will never come up.


If an INTERCAL expression has been translated from another language such as C, the optimiser is generally capable of translating it back into something similar to the original, at least in base 2. This is undefined behaviour if not in the implementation of a CREATE d statement, or if the referenced argument does not exist; as with the Inetrcal instruction, 0 refers to the first argument, 1 to the second, and so on.

They still have separate instruction pointers, separate instruction pointer stacks, such as the NEXT stack, and separate choicepoint lists. Untercal error happens at compile-time. These Warranty Disclaimers are considered to be included by reference in this License, but only as regards disclaiming mankal However, your computer may not be able to cope; if it runs out of memory in the multithreader, it will cause this error at runtime.

Overloading information is shared, though.

The INTERCAL Programming Language Revised Reference Manual

Commands are single characters followed by newlines, or followed by a line number in decimal and a newline or a variable name a. Of course, the same problem can happen in the other direction; this error is caused at compile time if more than about one third of the statement identifiers are the polite form.

It is used ,anual assign values to variables, array elements, and arrays; assigning a value to an array changes the number of elements that that array can hold, and causes the values of all elements previously in that array to be lost.

If the thread being split was itself woven with other threads, exactly one of the resulting threads after the split is woven with the threads interxal the original thread was woven to, but the rest will not be woven to anything. It is even permitted to label a block statement in this way. It pops an integer off the top of the stack, and treats it as an argument position 0-based, so 0 refers to the first argument, 1 refers to the second, and so on.

These are all functions with one argument apart from iselect and mingle, which each take two arguments ; they exist so that INTERCAL operators can be used by C expressions. In particular, sequences of commands like DO. Control constructs that will make you gasp, make you laugh, and possibly make you hurl. However, parties who have received copies, or rights, from you under this License will not have their licenses terminated so long as such parties remain in full compliance.

We have designed this License in order to use it for manuals for free software, because free software needs free documentation: There may nitercal be unknown bugs in ick itself if you find one of these, please report it.


Once you have downloaded the cfunge sources, you need to compile them into a library suitable for use with C-INTERCAL note that this is a somewhat different process to compiling them into a standalone Funge interpreter.

Archived from the original on When multiple overloading rules are in effect, they are all applied; overloading. It is not possible to redimension an array this way, as this is assignment, not a calculate operation. Subscripting a scalar variable is a syntax error, so there is no use for doing manuual an overload anyway.

C-INTERCAL 0.29 Revamped Instruction Manual

If you need to write a prototype for the function early, void identifier void ; is perfectly acceptable, but an early prototype is not required unless you call the function from earlier within the C code. When the Document is included in an aggregate, this License does not apply to the other works in the aggregate which are not themselves derivative works of the Document. Also, one or more multiplications are eliminated by checking that: The resulting function is a function for instance, you can take its address or call it in the usual ways ; the only differences are that it can be jumped into from INTERCAL code and that it is constrained to take no arguments and return no data.

Nothing but twisted technical yuks and an inexorable descent into brain-sucking obsession awaits beyond this point. However, it does not ship with a Funge interpreter, and such an interpreter needs to be linked to the resulting program in order to run the Befunge program. This typo has been carefully preserved for over a decade. Giving the option means that this bug will not happen. This is what these two macros achieve.

You can go further than uninstalling.

The slat operator returns the true value of its left argument, but as a side effect, changes the meaning of its left argument to be its right argument.

After the line label if a statement has one comes the statement identifier, which marks where the statement starts. Also, both the -a and -e options must be set to use CREATEd operators regardless of whether external calls are used or not.

Iintercal that enabling it carries a run-time penalty, as it means that operand overloading code has to be generated for every variable in the program.

When a command whose statement identifer contains MAYBE is reached, it is executed or not executed as normal, but in maual a choicepoint is created containing the program as it is at that time.

However, note that the overloading of: