ID10T (plural ID10Ts). Leet spelling of idiot used humorously to refer to computer errors (pronounced ID ten T) to indicate that the error is the result of the user’s. This Pin was discovered by Tracy Wogoman. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Nov 5, Explore Emma Landers’s board “Please obtain form ID10T” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Hilarious, Laughing and Jokes.

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Anyway I ended up with an 80 page hardbound coffee table book full of nothing but graffiti dicks. When I was a CPL i turned in a to the mechanics that said the flux capacitor was broken on the M Why did the chicken put on a beanie and gray v neck sweater for a big night? L on those landing strips.

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We had to move a shit-ton of mattresses for the Special Olympics Less jumping and more chasing the bag around. Were you triggered, picked on, harassed, bullied, shaken, stirredpissed off, disagreed with, provoked, agitated, induced, instigated, launched. You must be signed in to continue.

Membership Required We’re sorry. Holy shit, not going to lie, this would scare the eff out of me even today, after working my job for 7 years. There was a Capt Hook who a pilot over in another F Squadron. He got up and I assumed he was going to a new computer to try it. Id1t had about 15 penises on my CAC at one point.

Id10t Form Printable

Politically Correct Personal Computer. Saw him at Finance once. Lol someone tried to do this to me My woman just bought a quick charger for her new Taser – is that a bad sign? Slow response computer, internet.


After playing all the usual pranks and locking it out, we were down to the last straw. I was told that too Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

In my old unit one of our new soldiers was told to go to the commo shop at battalion and ask for a PRC-E I drive a shift stick and traffic was pretty congested that day so I was having to constantly shift.

Is it true that Wendy Williams used to be Wendell? Especially when NDI plays along. I let him know what was going on and then I gave him some simple green and a green pad and had him clean the thing up. I was thinking too much about the massive refuel ahead of me to notice what was going on. Or do the opposite, tell them the water fountain needs refilling and watch as the dump countless buckets of water into the damn thing.

A guy I was a 3 level alongside was asked to secure a container of K9P compound for an antenna job. I always felt he missed his calling in the Navy. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

I have always liked a can of squelch and a tube of frequency grease. Gotta love playing pranks on the new guys. I’ve been trying to requisition a box of landing strips for a while and that needs just the id10y copy of the form. Have them count out the push-ups and sit-ups. Our controller played an April Fools joke on us in the Deid. Your background is now a whale penis.

Dynamic Link Library computer forn. Left your fleece at work? Well the original dude flakes on the project so I took over because you know how these things go. Trending Now Top Ten most popular slang look ups today. What would happen if atheist and lesbian and I1d0t walk into bar together? Had a guy convinced he needed to turn in a with everything he did at the end of shift. Since the gate guards use a scanner at the gates now, we used a label maker in support to make a bar code that said “I want you penis” when scanned and placed it perfectly over the CAC’s bar code.

  GERBER 21-310 PDF

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ID10T form | Teaching start of year | Pinterest | Troll, Rage comics and Funny Comics

Other terms relating to ‘error’: Other photos of people in uniform should have their face and name tape obscured in some way. Can Yahoo users in Australia and New Zealand tell us how is going, so far? Is there a rehab for addiction to atheism? Canned voltage and fluorescent tube bender always seem to get frm new guys. We put sipper through this ‘ reel of fiber last week, take this magnet and degauss the fiber so we can use it for unclass.

Where can I find the ID10T Forms?

My two favorites were having new LTs check for soft spots on the Armored vehicles with a peice of chalk and a hammer.

Originally posted by AutobahnSHO: Still fun on 16s but not quite as much. Telephone number is the local KFC.