6 results for Books: “Josep Lluis Gomez Mompart” prensa local. 1 Nov by Josep Lluís Gómez Mompart Historia del Periodismo Universal (Economia). Gómez Mompart, J. and Marín Otto, E. (eds.) Historia del Periodismo Universal. Madrid: Síntesis. Guereña, Juan Luis. “Las estadísticas oficiales de. Josep L. Gómez Mompart y Enric Marín Otto by jaime_sotomayor_9.

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Marín, Enric [WorldCat Identities]

No hepatitis delta virus subgenotypes were found, suggesting that the origin of hepatitis delta virus infection in our geographical area is homogeneous.

Of these samples, E-cigarette use in private settings and in public settings where their use is not regulated by law is high. Results depict an annual cycle with increasing values in the March-April period with the highest emissions in July-August, followed by a decrease in October-November.

On the other hand, the analogous technique shows a good agreement among highest probability values and real affected areas, although a larger pluviometric rainfall database would be needed to improve the results.

All centers providing services for persons with substance abuse issues in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia participated in this assessment.

Occurrence of 95 pharmaceuticals and transformation products in urban groundwaters underlying the metropolis of BarcelonaSpain. L’arxiu no deu d’estar obert per un altre programa Excel, Open Office, etc To analyze trends in infant mortality, taking into account its main components and the principal causes of death between and in the city of Mompatr Spain.

univeraal Associations between rural and urban counties and structural changes during the study period were analysed. Logistic regression models were used to examine the variables associated with UAI. The rate is higher for men 1. Supplementary information was obtained on the suicide method, which revealed a significant increase in poisoning and suicides involving trains.


Historia del Periodismo by Pablo Gallén Ortega on Prezi

There was some evidence, also, of a positive association between small and medium sized companies and temporary work and the ocurrence of work accidents. The examination of the vertical profiles clearly shows the predominant influence of NOx on ozone. Public health programmes against obesity must consider conducting an intersectional action taking social determinants and family life styles into account. Since the beverage packaging has an important influence in this case, a dataset for the production of green glass was adapted to reflect the actual recycling situation in Spain.

Seasonal and daily variations.

Marín, Enric 1956-

Half of the strikes were partial, most of them were single-day strikes, there was little overlap between strikes of the different transport systems, and all strikes had to comply with mandatory minimal services. The observed data used for this study was the 20th Century Reanalysis.

Regarding soil levels, only Cd distances and As, Cu, Mn, and Ni wind directions showed significant differences. All these changes of meteorological parameters may modify the water cycle: Our results show that the contribution of urban forests regulating services to abate pollution is substantial in absolute terms, yet modest when compared to overall city levels of air pollution and GHG emissions.

Pda Ebook Download Metaphysics Critical Concepts In Philosophy Ibook 0415397510

Six years later, a measles outbreak occurred between August and June with cases, 11 of whom were health care univerdal HCW. Construction wastes are classified in accordance with the Life Program Environment Directive of the European Commission.

Student t-tests were used to compare the means of the indices with stratification by the independent variables.


The higher antibody seroprevalences were found in the areas that follow the courses of the rivers Llobregat and Anoia Baix Llobregat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona Spain.

Carmen Segrelles Ortega M.

The most frequent causes of admission were: Independent variables consisted of canteen management, the number of users, and whether self-assessment plans were implemented. The historai description of night heat effects reduced to a single indicator in duration and intensity is a new approach and shows a different perspective and significant heat-related effects on human health. The key SAPUSS objective is to deduce aerosol source characteristics and to understand the atmospheric processes responsible for their generations and transformations — both horizontally and vertically in the Mediterranean urban environment.

Dietary intake of these pollutants is of special interest in children populations, who in relation to their body weights consume greater quantities of food than adults. This study explores changes in attitudes towards Catalan, Spanish, and English over a 2-year period, on the part of secondary education students of immigrant origin residing in Catalonia.

To compare the prevalence of intestinal parasites in shelter and hunting dogs in CataloniaNortheastern Spainfresh faecal samples from 81 shelter dogs and 88 hunting dogs were collected and analysed by faecal flotation. Obesity and overweight were determined by World Health Organization criteria.

We calculated the proportion of e-cigarette users who used the device in public and private settings in the last 30 days.