The Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Division Handzar, above in , was of the existence of a “Handzar Divizija” in the Bosnian Muslim Army. The original Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Handzar Division, shown above in Army known as the “Handzar Divizija”, i.e., the Handzar Division. At the trial, Gusic testified as follows: “This is an order whereby the following units , the Handzar Divizija, the Silver Fox Unit, become part of the special purposes.

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SS Divizija in Serbo-Croatian. The first two raised and trained the division in its early stages of development and Sauberzweig and Hampel commanded it on active operations against the Partisans and later against the Red Army and Bulgarians: To Himmler’s dismay, this was greater than the ratio of Catholics to Muslims that he had wanted.

Nazi Propaganda for the Arab world. Between March and Junethese attempts were largely fruitless, producing fewer than deserters. War and Revolution in Yugoslavia, — The aim of Operation Wegweiser was to clear a part of the Syrmia region which was occupied by Partisans who threatened the Zagreb-Belgrade railway.

He was eventually judged unsuitable, and was replaced with a German just before the division went into combat. As a result, the last Muslim SS troops left Bosnia. On 2 December the division was reunited, except for the rest of the pioneer battalion, which remained stranded in Bosnia by damaged bridges and railways.

All were found guilty; 10 were sentenced to death, and 28 received prison terms of between five years and life.

Waffen-Gebirgsdivision der SS “Handschar” kroat. The Partisan 11th Handzzr Division and 38th Bosnia Division quickly infiltrated into the southern part of the security zone and the 27th East Bosnia Division crossed into the area north-west of Srebrenica and drove towards Bratunac.


The division, holding positions just south of the penetration, began to withdraw to the north-west.

Hoare, Marko Attila Propaganda and the Deceit of History. Subsequently, 38 officers were extradited to Yugoslavia to face criminal charges, and 10 were executed. During the first three weeks of September, while hard fighting continued, over 2, Bosnians deserted, many taking their weapons with them. Despite the return of disarmed Bosnians from labour units, the attachment of Hungarian infantry and artillery units and arrival of German replacements meant the division looked little different from any other unit in the Second Panzer Army.

Belgrade Podgorica Zadar Zagreb. Within days Kampfgruppe Hanke was withdrawn from the front line to rejoin the division and re-fit, and they were moved to Barcs on the Drava river for that purpose.

According to divisional commander Hampel, it had been exhausted even before Operation Hackfleisch began. The inability of the 27th Regiment to push forward meant that the plan to encircle the Partisan force was not achieved and the Partisans escaped by crossing the Vlasenica—Han Pijesak road to the east. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As the division entered the area, the Partisans withdrew to the south-east, avoiding decisive engagement.

SS oružana brdska divizija Handžar – Wikipedia

Set to the melody of “Wir fahren gegen Engelland” by Herms Niel. On 17 AugustTito offered a general divizkja and many in the division took advantage of this opportunity.

The following day Kampfgruppe Hanke was driven out of its positions, when the remaining troops withdrew. Views Read Edit View history. From March to Decemberit fought a counter-insurgency campaign against communist-led Yugoslav Partisan resistance forces in the Independent State of Croatiadivozija fascist puppet state of Germany that encompassed almost all of modern-day Croatiaall of modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as parts of Serbia.


The Black Book hnadzar Bosnia: It fell back to the Mura and barely managed to cross under constant air and ground attacks, with grievous casualties. Portals Access related topics.

13. SS oružana brdska divizija Handžar

After a day of searching, the division uncovered more than ten Partisan bases, which the cooperating Chetniks began to clear despite having shown little interest in actually fighting the Partisans in previous days. Gebirgs-Division Kroatienbut a short time divzija a change was made to differentiate it from those that were composed of Germans and it became the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar 1st Croatian German: Most of the remaining Bosnian Muslims left at this point and attempted to return to Bosnia.

Jagdkommandos were sent after the fleeing enemy but were not able to inflict significant losses on them as they had already crossed the Drina into the German-occupied territory of Serbia. The Germans considered Operation Osterei a major success, achieving all objectives with minimal losses.

FlashBack: How Bosnian Muslims Reformed Nazi SS Division

The airstrip was just north of the southern boundary of the security zone and was being used by Allied aircraft to bring in supplies and evacuate wounded Partisans to Italy. In the early morning of ahndzar Octoberthe Partisan 28th Slavonia Division assaulted a squadron of the reconnaissance battalion at Janja close to the Drina on the eastern boundary of the security zone.

On 17 July, the operation began.