Java GridBagLayout example with examples on all layout managers such as BorderLayout, GridLayout, FlowLayout, BoxLayout, CardLayout, GridBagLayout, GroupLayout, SpringLayout, ScrollPaneLayout etc. Computer Network tutorial. Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing. Lesson: How to Use GridBagLayout: The Example Explained. Here, again, is the applet that shows a GridBagLayout in action. As the above applet shows, a GridBagLayout places components in a grid of You can find more examples of using GridBagLayout throughout this tutorial.

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Select the First name: You will see a more detailed example in the next section. Press the button to the right of the Insets constraint text field. Though the First Name: Each document in this series covers specific set of features. This is the best tutorial I have used yet!

Larger numbers indicate that the component’s row or column should get more space. This gives you a bit of control over the fill of the table and scrollpane. The series is intended as a guide to show how you can layout your GUI components without manually writing your layout code and then perform additional changes in an existing form to implement a specific target layout that is required by the project.

Essentially, GridBagLayout places components in rectangles cells in a grid, and then uses the components’ preferred sizes to determine how big the cells should be. Gridbwglayout create a layout like shown in the picture below, move the components from columns 2 to 11 as follows:. Note that if you enlarge the window, the last row is the only one that gets taller. Just before gridbaglwyout component is added to the container, the code sets or resets to default values the appropriate instance variables in the GridBagConstraints object.


The following figure shows the grid for the preceding applet. Rather than gridgaglayout the constraints with the add method, our examples invoked the setConstraints method on the GridBagLayout object. This method is obsolete and supplied for backwards compatability only; new code should call adjustForGravity instead.

SWING – GridBagLayout Class

Place a component at 0,1 with a column weight 1 and a row weight of 2. Generally weights are specified with 0.

Gridbwglayout you find some of the text fields on the right are collapsing, add some column width via the integer parameter when constructing text fields:. Run the program using the following command. The components for the ContactsBasicInitial form are added and laid out in a single row. Notice how one GridBagConstraint object is being created and being passed in with the component to the main panel? I would like to know how can I bring the window in the middle of the screen.

It was very helpful to me. The tuttorial discussion assumes that the GridBagLayout controls a container that has a left-to-right component orientation.

Designing a Basic Java Form Using the GridBag Customizer – NetBeans IDE Tutorial

You must be careful, however, to reset the GridBagConstraints gridbaglsyout variables to their default values when necessary. To make button 4 tall, tutirial added internal padding ipady to it. Determines the origin of the layout area, in the graphics coordinate space of the target container. Here is a picture of how these values are interpreted in a container that has the default, left-to-right component orientation. And there do you use it later? The Weight X and Weight Y layout constraints determine whether a component “wants” to grow in horizontal and vertical directions.


This resizing behavior is based on weights the program assigns to individual components in the GridBagLayout. Otherwise, if you want to code by hand and do not want to use GroupLayoutthen GridBagLayout is recommended as the next most flexible and powerful layout manager.

TextSamplerDemo Using Text Components Aligns two pairs of labels and text fields, plus adds a label across the full width of the container.

Designing a Basic Java Form Using the GridBag Customizer

However, it is recommended that you do not reuse GridBagConstraintsas this can very easily lead to you introducing subtle bugs if you forget to reset the fields for each new instance. Choose Line Start from the drop-down list.

The button in the second row spans all the columns; the button in the third row spans the two right columns. To get the labels aligned to the left instead of to the center as they are at the moment, complete the steps below: Aligns two pairs of labels and text fields, plus adds a label across the full width of the container.

Make the component on stretchable Never mind i realised that i didnot read the source code properly thanks. If you enlarge the window as shown in the following figure, you will notice that the bottom row, which contains Button 5, gets all the new vertical space.

Make the component only stretch vertically.