First published in , Vine Deloria Jr.’s God Is Red remains the seminal work on Native religious views, asking new questions about our species and our. God is Red: A Native View of Religion, 30th Anniversary Edition [Vine Deloria Jr., Leslie Silko, George E. Tinker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. God Is Red [Vine Deloria Jr.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Deloria offers an alternative to Christianity through a return to Indian beliefs.

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But there are still beliefs that Natives and everyone hold today that aren’t necessarily the perfect belief, because there can’t even be such a thing. Regardless, Deloria does not focus on the moniker and instead focuses on how the Indian tribal cultures differ from that of other cultures.

This was getting boring. As Young Chief said: Deloria does an excellent job of ks back and saying, hey wait, we can’t explain our beliefs without you first letting go ded your paradigm for religion and understanding that ours functions in a fundamentally different way.

God Is Red: A Native View of Religion Summary & Study Guide

But I have learned a lot from trees; sometimes about the weather, sometimes, about animals, sometimes about the Great Spirit. All the black robes read the same book, but none agreed on what it meant. I found Deloria’s commentary incredibly insightful in places, and as usual, his one-liners and conclusions are fantastic and worth quoting long after closing the book. Winter Apsaroke, photo by Edward Curtis His father rose to an iw position in the Episcopal Church.

The author doesn’t think Christianity can be this – I think it could. Books by Vine Deloria Jr. By and by, the Roman Empire was rotting away from decadence and delirium, softening it up for a spectacular blind date with vicious mobs of bloodthirsty barbarians.

I’m referring to Deloria’s excessively long-winded and highly questionable defense of some pretty out-there conspiracy theories. I’ve served here three years and in that time I have As the long-forgotten peoples of the respective continents rise and begin to reclaim their ancient heritage, they will discover the meaning of the lands of their ancestors.


View a FREE sample. Many of Christianity’s basis assumptions are suspect. Salvation for America lies, according to Deloria, not in a collective feeling of guilt for the sins of the past, but in a willingness to learn from Indian religions, whose respect for the land, its animal and plant life, and for its very rocks and soil, can teach the majority of Americans how to save themselves from the ecological nightmare we have created.

Who will listen to the trees, the animals and the birds, the voices of the places of the land? Feed the Indians well.

I also find the Indian practices and belief of the land to hod brilliant and wonderful. Plenty of Christians are concerned with daily practice, plenty of Christians manage to maintain their religion while treating its claims as metaphors, and Deloria himself mentions that modern Native Americans with a more Western worldview are concerned about the scientific truth behind the claims of their ancestral religions.

Jan 13, Jessaka rated it really liked it Shelves: Account Options Sign in. People may live side by side for years, yet have nothing in common, and sometimes intense differences.

God Is Red: A Native View of Religion

The future of humankind lies waiting for those who will come to understand their lives and take up their responsibilities to all living things. Open Preview See a Problem?

Aug 27, Richard Reese rated it it was amazing. Deloria shows how this lack of theology created healthier societies that were able to survive sustainably for long periods of time.

But the strongest section of the book comes when the author iz to his real subject: Trivia About God Is Red: Browse all BookRags Study Guides. He confuses concepts, refuses to define his terms, and resorts to outlandish fad science from the ’70s to back up claims that perhaps the world is different than Western mainstream thought interprets it ancient astronauts?? Velikovsky’s theories are complete rubbish.

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Rather, there are many passages in which the author applauds the stalwart faith of the non-violent Christian. He sought a path that could be of greater benefit to Native American people. It’s definitely not an unbiased analysis though not sure one can exist The majority of the book seems to be focused toward pointing out the superiority of the Indian tribal religions.


They had no doubt that he would return during their lifetime. In short, it has failed to save humanity, but has actually contributed to deep flaws within contemporary life. The grass says the same thing. Dec 20, Byrd Alyssa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 18, Sarah Beaudoin rated it liked it. He describes the way that the Christian religion has failed the earth and is now failing people and the ways in which tribal religions are better able to help people live good and fulfilling lives in harmony with each other and with the planet.

God Is Red: A Native View of Religion Summary & Study Guide

Jun 25, Victoria Haf rated it it was amazing. Other editions – View all God Is Red: In the Indian tribal religion, death is nothing to fear. Especially aggravating was the enormous gulf between the beautiful beliefs rsd taught, and the relentless brutality of the colonial society, and its frantic gang rape of their ecosystem.

Christianity’s claim to apply to all people of all times makes its practitioners have an extremely difficult time understanding how other people can be tied to the land to the extent that, say, they’re willing to turn down a large amount feloria money because they’d rather keep their land even when a lot of them are desperately poor, as happened with Blue Lake and the Taos Pueblo.

It’s also quite dated in its analysis of modern culture: Deloria heavily criticizes this temporal focus, both for its supposed tendency to make Christians focus on the concerns of the next world at the expense of this one, and for its lack of any tie to the land along ix the focus on stewardship or subduing the earth, leading to a lack of gos awareness and directly contributing to the upcoming ecological catastrophe.

True believers waited for the return of the Messiah for years, then decades, then centuries.