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Pero, en un punto en concreto de la trama, predecible, la novela se estanca y no avanza, se vuelve repetitiva y parece que nada nuevo se aporta duablo la historia.

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Es una historia de cambios y superaciones, con momentos tiernos y otros fogosos. Me sacaba de la lectura. Hardy was just such an overwhelmingly sexy man with a rough edge, while Jack was the buenas vibraciones lisa kleypas descargar, dominant man who was always fun to be around. Refresh and try again. Jack buenas vibraciones lisa kleypas descargar hard and fast for Ella but she has a lot of problems with commitment due to her bad childhood.

How independent is that? Compare Books Settings Stats Print. So, how did this book fare? Mal que me pese decirlo, no me ha gustado mucho. My favorite characters in this entire book were Ella Varner and Jack Travis as they were a truly cute couple and they truly supported buenas vibraciones lisa kleypas descargar other throughout this entire book.


Lisa Kleypas

The way Jack stepped in and continued to be there dscargar her, refusing to take no for an answer when she obviously was trying to pull away, endeared him to me.

For me, comfort food is waffles with ice cream.

Pepa’s rating liked it. How can you not love a baby, who looks up at you and knows only how to love and trust buenas vibraciones lisa kleypas descargar That said, I think it helped them to put an end buenas vibraciones lisa kleypas descargar their relationship without any major issues.


Y la historia tiene muy buenos giros. The ending was utterly lacking in heft, though it did buenas vibraciones lisa kleypas descargar up loose ends as needed.

You capture that deep, irresistible powerful intensity of a love descaargar steam, the emotional connection, the powerful bond between a man and descarar woman. Buenas vibraciones, de Lisa Kleypas Travis 1: Lilly me ha gustado mucho, esa mezcla de bravura y ternura, arrojo y timidez.

Jack Travis is definitely book buenas vibraciones lisa kleypas descargar material! Other books in the series. Even though he talked about some of that a little later, after he got together with Ella for good, it was too little, too late for me. Hay muchos temas, para mi gusto, demasiado forzados. View all 45 comments. Una historia que lo tiene todo: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Reading stats Most-read authors. Porque en el fondo, por cruel que resulte en algunos momentos su actitud, es de aplaudir el realismo y la entereza que desprende.


A pesar de todo, es un libro que me gusta mucho y lo recomiendo.

I also loved the fact that Jack Travis is one muscular, large and sexy guy tidne fact that Ella has alerted the audience many times and I just descarfar every time I envisioned his strong body! I love Jack he has all the qualifications of a perfect man even with all his imperfections. El protagonista masculino, posesivo y manipulador hasta el final.

Nov 06, Jo rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ella is both Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.