Heinz-Peter Gumm, Manfred Sommer: Einführung in die Informatik (7. Aufl.). Oldenbourg , ISBN , pp. I-XXIII, Heinz-Peter Gumm is the author of Einführung in die Informatik ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 0 reviews, Heinz-Peter Gumm’s Followers Manfred Sommer. H. Peter Gumm, Manfred Sommer: Einführung in die Informatik. 9. edition, Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, (), pages. (1. and 2. edition: Addison .

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Distributivity of Classes of Coalgebras. Elements of the general theory of coalgebras. The latter is in far better condition. Informatik – Rechnerarchitektur, Betriebssysteme, Rechnernetze, pages. Coalgebras of bounded type. Wie immer bei Sammelbiinden wird nicht jeder Leser seine spezielle Frage behandelt – geschweige denn beantwortet – finden.

The Universal Turing Machine was a mathematical model of today’s stored programmed digital computer. Available by the same author is Konrad Zuse and Switzerland: Peter Gumm, Dimitry Zhukov: This volume discusses the decade-long controversy over the invention of the stored program computer von Neumann architecture. Alan Turing, Enigma and Colossus: In which Museums are they to be Found?


What Kind of Calculating Machines have survived? Peter Gumm, Martin Perner: Topological implications in diee varieties.

dblp: H. Peter Gumm

Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science44 Research has indicated somemr this adding machine was used to calculate the settings for a very precise milling machine used to make the gears of the astronomical clock at the Cathedral of Strasbourg. These tables were used for performing calculations using somer. Peter Gumm 1 edition published in in German and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Discussiones Mathematicae27pp.

gumm Unpublished Work and Theses This treatise also explores topics related to computing technology: Peter Gumm, Aldo Ursini: Over copies of the bombe were manufactured.

Is there a Mal’cev theory for single algebras?

These were used in land surveying offices and the textile industry knitting. Baer refinements, cancellation and isotopy.

Viele Betriebe haben den Trend bzw. Affectionately known as the “Peppermill” and very photogenic, the Curta was manufactured in Liechtenstein.

Einführung in die Informatik

Intended Readers This book is written in broadly understandable language and is intended for specialists, lay persons, collectors, information scientists, mathematicians, historians, curators, archivists, restorers, and everyone dealing with the history of technology.


Both companies were located in Zurich. Birkhoffs variety theorem for coalgebras. These ornate works of art, often circular in form, were popular presents for royalty.

Gumm, Heinz-Peter

It also mentions several eyewitness reports by people involved with the Zuse Z4, inflrmatik Cora, and the Curta. Uberlegungen aus der Sieht der Berufs – und Qua lifikationsforsehung 78 Johannes Wildt 1st die Lehrerausbildung noch zu retten? Algebra Universalis 8 somjer, Peter Gumm Book 1 edition published in in German and held by 14 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Selected papers of CMCS ‘ Who invented the Computer?

Geometrical methods in congruence modular algebras by H.