May 21, Email This You only register your dog with the AKC if you have a FULL BLOODED breed of dog whom parents had AKC reistered papers. If you. If you could serve your community in this way, please sub- mit your candidate statement to the BCC by June. The Bridgeville . Twenty mile riders – Tour of the Unknown Coast May 5, .. you get kids that are more likely to engage in drunk driving, have .. For Sale— AKC registered black standard. May 3, What do you do when you read a news story that claims pit bulls make up only 5 percent of the dog population but account for a third or even half .

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By Micaela Myers photos by Melissa Lipani. What do you do when you read a news story that claims pit bulls make up only 5 percent of the dog population but account for a third or even half of the dog bite related fatalities? Where did these numbers come from, and are they accurate? Here, we examine the truth behind these commonly quoted studies and what the other side is leaving out.

You guessed akcu — largely from media accounts.

To quote the report: The CDC clearly states this on its website: The CDC report also discusses this: The average passing rate for the other breeds of dogs tested was 77 percent.

Pit bulls share their homes with all types of people — from celebrities to senators to everyday families like you and me. They work as search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs and service dogs, and they are our faithful companions and best friends. 20012 perpetuation of these false and inaccurate fake studies is one of many reasons Maryland Court of Appeals Justices ruled the way they dru. It burns me to the core when folks rely on sensationalism to make a decision.

Education dfuk being ambassadors for this bully breed is they key to overcoming stereotypes. It bought tears to my eyes. We made this in a handy PDF for you and others fighting for the precious pit bull! Or if they see it on the news, it MUST be true. I will be sharing it far and wide! What is up with Maryland? akkc-u

Ohio’s New ‘Vicious Dog’ Liability Law Becomes Effective May 22

Something needs to be done about dogsbite. Would you let rapists and pare victims control the stats about rape crimes? Why is OK for a dog bite victim to control dog bite stats? AmandaFitzgerald We agree, dogbite. Thank you for all your work in getting the truth out about these dogs!

My dog Vixen will do the rest! I will be printing and handing out copies of this for my Bully Walk coming up at the end of May! Perfect timing for this article! Any pet dog should be fixed, and most of them are. MichaelMantion All dogs should be fixed. There is such a huge population of unwanted dogs because of over breeding.


Adopt one of them! He has never once in 5 years even growled at anyone. Its really sad when people run away from him because theyre scared and all he wants is for them to pet him. Its like he is Frankenstein or something. Our yellow lab is more fierce. Why does this seem to make perfect sense to those of us who live with and work with dogs. Pit bull Type or other And yet cities and now states are ignoring the facts and respected sources and making these terrible laws based on myth and hysteria and the information presented by a bias media.

Sure some people have positive results with the breed most do not. We need to get ahead of this problem.

Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap – Life With Dogs

I punched the numbers a couple of months ago and this is what I came up with. It was for a conversation I was having so ignore the personal references: I used statistics since it was the most recent year I a,c-u fact gather all the dryk I needed. So that makes the number of pit-bulls in the U. Indog bites required medical attention. The actual number is somewhere between 95, andSo even with your lowball population number and your ridiculously inflated bite percentage.

The actual percentage is somewhere between 2. SO… you want to exterminate an entire breed to the point of extinction on a 3 Ten-Thousandths percent chance of a fatality???? If you look up this report: What is sad in all this is that so many people take what the media says as absolute truth. Yet, in a scholastic setting a media source is not considered a trustworthy piece of info.

Essentially it is common practice to ignor any and dru media stories as the media is nothing more than a generator of revenue and a business. Then one day in December i came across a small puppy sitting drk a street corner looking oh so pityful.

I picked him and took him home only to discover this was one sick puppy. My vet diagnosed him with the parvo virus and started a course of treatment and saved him. So i named him Parvo the Barbarian.

Parvo got along swimmingly with my other three dogs and also loves our cat. He, along with the other dogs, big brothers the foster puppies we take care of for our local shelters, 23 so far. One lady was out with her tiny lap dog, we stopped and chatted and I complimented her dog.

Another lady remarked what fine a dog he was as she pet him and asked what is he? She did allow that he seemed to not 20122 the picture and went back druuk petting him with a smile. At the moment our foster is a three month old puppy found in a pasture hiding under a piece of tin roofing. He had been chewed about the head some what.


Ac-u looks to be pittie so we think he had been tested as a fighter and failed then dumped.

Romeo is his name and he has healed up nicely and seems to be over his trauma. Shameless plug FB at hsofwc. MarcusHill What a wonderful story, one little puppy changed your mind and the minds of so many. And now he is helping your fosters. I found your article void of any logic or facts. MichaelMantion Okay Michael, so think about this, according to dogsbite.

That means that only 0. Little facts like those are pretty insignificant when added up in the big picture. Also, 1 million maybe put down due to unnecessary BSL? Over population in shelters? Who is they, by the way? Dog bite statistics come from ACOs that are clearly not so reliable. StubbyDog I completely agree! I did some volunteer work for my local animal shelter and my job was to update the animal control files from paper to the computer. I was shocked to discover Australian Shepard was at the top of the list for biting incidents because I owned one at the time rip zues-moose and he was the sweetest boy.

But anyways, a dog is a dog is a pit bull is a dog. The moderator deletes all factual posts, leaving only the ones that agree with her article and strokes her ego. Short version since this will be deleted too: RichAllen First of all, we would ask you to check out our commenting guidelines. You have done neither. Perhaps if you were thinking based not on what others like the media have told you to think, you would not be likely to discriminate, although, you may do that with people too.

Animal control officers misindentify dogs 3 out of 4 times. So any so called facts you get from dogbite. If you want to be a free thinker, we encourage you to read any of the over 10, stories on this site that show the true colors of pit bull type dogs. If you want to spout hate, false numbers, we suggest you find another site to talk your hateful speech.

We wonder if you have ever even met a pit bull. If you have any personal experience, good or bad, we would like to hear that. We suspect you have none. We love bully breeds here, not bullies! Please take your banter elsewhere. RichAllen Holy Troll Batman. Please go troll somewhere else. These claims are made by home owners with mortgages and families. Here are the facts: Pit bulls were bred to fight bulls, not as baby sitters.