This printing of The Mech Manual is published in accordance with the Open Game DragonMech is a trademark of Goodman Games in the U.S. and/or other . Author: unknown. Please edit this page and add it. (add |author=) Publisher: White Wolf Publishing/Sword & Sorcery Studios. Release Date: unknown. Please . I’m not much into mech either: about So with a -7 penalty, I didn’t really expect to enjoy Dragonmech. I had driven about an hour to get to the.

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DragonMech Mech Manual Now Available

DragonMech extends the scale beyond colossal. Despite the talent behind the art, much like the Black Company and the Iron Kingdoms sourcebook, the art is sometimes a little too dark and details that might be visible in color are obscured and rendered gray.

The idea behind DragonMech is that the moon of the DragonMech world drew close to its parent, and rained destruction down upon it, in the form of both damaging particles that came down in a “lunar rain” as well as monstrous alien creatures that ravaged the surface in particular, lunar dragons. The book is written in a way where 20 different GMs could read the book and likely come away with 20 different ideas on how to put together a campaign.

So that means mechs in Dragonmech are tanky Super Robots? Friday, 24th June, Some of the creatures have risen in prominence due to the lunar rains draggonmech the Tortogs, humanoids that resemble the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Mechs go through a variety of stages in dragonmec design. But you don’t think it’ll get me in trouble with the mods, do dragonmecg Six further categories are labeled City Mech A through F.

For armor, we have everything from flesh, to steel and for weapons, a whole armory. That’s slightly more than twice the size of the print version. Massive brofists, cutting your enemy in half with your elbows, feet tall mechas pulling off Shinkuu-Hadokens, destroying mountains into little pieces, wielding manhal whips, doing electrically-charged kicks, launching people to the sky This is certainly the cure for any group desperately looking for something truly different.


The campaign is thus maunal in a period of recovery and rediscovery of the surface world.

DragonMech: Mech Manual PDF

The major new class mechanic is steam powers. Monday, 27th December, Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Results 1 to 10 of How big some of these are is mind-boggling. My friend is currently playing a paladin. Wednesday, 2nd June, Mechs 56 pages – The stars of the show are depicted in this glorious chapter.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, The classes are overall well done, though I do have questions about how the steam powers system would pan out in actual play. So amnual this brave new world, rragonmech standard classes look for new roles to fill even as the author crafts new classes to take advantage of the circumstances. Originally Posted by Lycan For example, Tannanliel is an elf city mech and is remarkable in the fact that it is vragonmech only city mech and is one powered by magic.

Last edited by awesomessake; at I enjoy Warcraft and Iron Kingdoms so seeing how a traditional fantasy setting moves into the ranks of steam and steel is a good thing.

Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: In the background of the artwork near the topthere is a mech fighting off a giant worm. Some of the smaller ones like the barbagula, a humanoid mech with an oversized lance, runs for a moderate 3, gold pieces while the steam powered Scorpion, a Colossal II dragonmechh mech, runs for 15, gold pieces.

Not only are there rules for new classes which are a great additions for this kind of worldbut new prestige classes, reasonable feats and even a few spells and monsters. Mechs begin and large size on the standard d20 creature scale. The art is magnificent. Dragohmech of just an expert, we have a PC worthy class, the Coglayer.


Humanity is now taking a cautious yet hopeful approach to starting to repopulate. To take down these mechs, instead of sneaky rogues, we have Stalkers who locate weak points.

Rogers, and Kermit the Frog. Most types have good and bad sides to them.

DragonMech: Mech Manual by Dragonmech, Sword and Sorcery (Paperback, 2005)

Some classes have few tweaks, and new variants and whole new classes are provided: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. They vary from a standard rogue primarily in that their class skill list is slightly different, and their special abilities gained after 10th level relate to defeating mechs. The setting chapter describes the DragonMech world in further detail. Is he going to use a standard party and have the machines be the backset, the city-mechs be the locations or is he going to have a party where most of the characters are adequate behind a pilots seat and run combat in steam powered machines?

Then you discover that this larger structure is a mech that houses an entire city and roams the land, stamping out enemies. We have the clockwork ranger, coglayer, constructor, mech jockey, stalker, steamborg classes and the anklebiter, assimilated, gearwright, mech devil, riftwalker, steam mage, vessel of Dotrak prestige classes.

What can be more awesome than that!?!?!? I was just giving voice to the Undefeatables of the East, to the masters of Shura Fighting Styles, or heck, to the guys that expend their lifeforce to power up their mechs The Mecha rules presented are nice and solid. However, they blow the top off of the scale.