Your A must be the 2SA – V, A, 25W PNP transistors There are plenty of datasheets floating around when You ask Google. the only other transistors in this amp are 3 c and 2 a per File Type: jpg. To have more than an overview of transistor design and parts File Type: png such as 2SC/A, that are equally good or perhaps better here. at the datasheets for original BC V BC Philips – datasheet pdf. Download, [ A Datasheet PDF Downlaod from ] LOW FREQUENCY AMPLIFIER PNP EPITAXIAL SILICON TRANSISTOR PNP EPITAXIAL A board, A Bit, A filetype:pdf, A Reference, A voltage.

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In the printer’s old age, something drifted resulting in the 3.


I think you will find that it is similar to a computer power supply. What is the resolution of your datasheft At this point, I would stop guessing and post the diagram so we can all have a good look.

The error also keeps the whole printer from powering down to low-power stand-by mode.

In-circuit it reads 0. A current sensing resistor BPR58 0.

All times are GMT I’ll get some pictures up in a little bit. The other outputs are as measured 5. Service manuals ot to replace the scanner board but I read in a couple other forums that it is actually the power supply that causes the problem.

I don’t know anything. It’s been running for about two hours. I learned a tiny bit.

Does anyone have experience with this or similar power supplies? If the sense resistor is supposed to be. Find More Posts by Longbow. All the usual suspects caps and solder joints a few touch-ups are filteype. If it were me Trsnsistor would just recap the power supply and be done with it I have a HP all in one printer that would keep telling that it was not available Really it plugged in the wall the Ethernet cable hook up I would have reload the software for the printer for it to maybe work This is when I had with this printer and decided to recap the power supply and mother board of the printer before I send it to landfill and be done with it well after recapping both boards I not have any more problem with this printer Now my tablet dose not always show that trasistor available but fileyype because HP app dose not really want to work with the Lollipop operating system of this tablet but there is a work around that works most of the time save it as a PDF file and then print the page that you want Here is the link to where I had recapped this printer http: Thanks for listening anyway.


Or am I barking up the wrong tree? While watching my meter, I adjusted the resistor and was able to bring it down to 3.

A1015 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Mine didn’t have that problem. The caps seem good – tested out of circuit. After it told me the toner was low, it started behaving correctly. I’m pretty sure trwnsistor can find the schematic for the supply.

The time now is Usually the 5 volt line is the one that is regulated via opto-coupler.

I’m working on getting the pics up. Here is a useless update: I fixed the voltage prob and the rest eventually worked itself out? Further troubleshooting at that point would require a schematic. Is the voltage really 3. Find More Posts by golemmaster.

BCB_PDF Datasheet Download IC-ON-LINE

It would only take about 10 minutes or less for the error to come up. The usual function of the resistor is to monitor a particular circuit and send over-current information to a processor. I replaced the toner cartridge with a genuine HP cartridge. Last edited by golemmaster; at I have also read about these power supplies with bad caps.


I’ve put the printer back together and turned it on. No error so far. Still works with no errors and w1015 to sleep. The “universe” won and I was just along for the ride. After much poking around and identifying and looking at some data sheets and tracing some things out and measuring The other voltages datashdet unchanged.

onics-FAQ V Stand:

It went to sleep which is something the error state did not allow. I’m going to run the machine till it fails and re-read the voltages. I can’t work on it right now but I will get back to it sometime later.

There is a variable resistor on the daughter board with the IC. If you really have 3. I plugged the supply into the printer. I’ve scanned and copied with it.

It took a couple days but the error returned.