In March representatives from all of Saint-Domingue’s departments were elected to the Assembly, which completed the constitution in May. Toussaint signed it in. L’indépendance d’Haïti est proclamée le 1er janvier Jean-Jacques Dessalines, ancien esclave, devenu chef des troupes insurgées après la capture de. Le 29 Mars , nous, le peuple Haïtien, avons voté la constitution haïtienne pour doter le pays d’une démocratie basée sur la diversité politique, la justice.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Career service officials are not members of any particular Government agency but are members of the civil service, which makes them available to the various Government agencies.

All offenses involving the press and abuses of the right of expression come under the code of criminal law. The universities and the private and public superior schools provide academic and practical instruction adapted to the trends and requirements of national development. L’Union fait la force. The Haitian Armed Forces are set up to ensure the security and integrity of the territory of the Republic.

No citizen, whether civilian or military, may be denied access to the courts open to him under the Constitution and the laws. The invitation of the Central Assembly is an order for me. Its jurisdiction extends throughout the territory of the Republic. The principle of separation of the Three 3 branches is embodied in the Constitution.

Have attained twenty-five 25 years of age; c. The right of objection must be exercised within eight 8 full days starting with the date of the receipt of the bill by the President of the Republic. Ni yo pa gen dwa mete pwopriyete a, a lavant. No member of the Legislature may during his term be arrested under ordinary law for a crime, a minor offense or a petty violation, except by authorization of the House of which he is a member, unless he is apprehended in the act of committing an offense punishable by death, personal restraint or penal servitude or the loss of civil rights.


Constitution of 1801

Formally express the motive for the arrest and the law in execution of which it is ordered. Each year the Legislature issues: Uses of property cannot be contrary to the general interest.

Higher education is free. Consequently, I will have it passed on to the French government for its aproval. Members of the Permanent Electoral Council and the Superior Court of Auditors and the Hhaitienne of Administrative Disputes for serious offenses committed in the discharge of their duties; d.

This Committee may engage the services of specialists to assist it with its monitoring functions. Art 75 — It proclaims that it is upon the respect of persons and property that the cultivation of land, all production, and all means of labor and baitienne social order rests. Dans un tel cas, le parlementaire opte pour l’une ou l’autre fonction. Art 56 — The army recruits constitutino the proposal made by the Governor to the Central Assembly, and following the mode established by law.

The Senator who has received the largest number of votes shall have a term of six 6 years; b. Within two weeks following ratification of this Constitution, the bodies or organizations concerned shall inform the Executive of the name of their representative.

Art 60 — Foreigners inheriting in France from their foreign or French relatives will also inherit in Saint-Domingue. No monopoly may be established to benefit the State and the territorial divisions except in the exclusive interest of society as a whole.

In the event of a vote of nonconfidence by one of the two 2 Houses, the procedure shall be repeated. They may be established and may carry outh their activities freely. Specialized sections, particularly the Penitentiary Administration, the Firemen’s Service, the Traffic Police, the Highway Police, Criminal Investigations, the Narcotics Service and the Anti-Smuggling Service, have been established by the law governing the organization, operation and location of the Police Forces.

Constitution of by Haiti

The State has the absolute obligation to guarantee the right to life, health, and respect of the human person for all citizens without distinction, in conformity with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man. Should the office of the President of the Republic become vacant for any reason, the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic, or in his absence, the Vice President of that Ocnstitution, or in his absence, the judge with the highest seniority and so on by order of seniority, shall be invested temporarily haitiennne the duties of the President of the Republic by the National Assembly duly convened by the Prime Minister- The election of a new President for a new five 5 year term shall be held at least forty-five 45 and no more than ninety 90 days after the vacancy occurs, pursuant to the Constitution and the Electoral Law.


L’arrondissement est une division administrative pouvant regrouper contitution communes. He shall ensure the regular operations of the public authorities and the continuity of the State. The law establishes the organization of the various Government structures and stipulates the conditions for their operation. To guarantee their consittution and imprescriptible rights to life, to liberty and to the pursuit of happiness; in accordance with their Act of Independence of and with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man of A Haitian Academy shall be established to standardize the Creole language and enable it constifution develop scientifically and harmoniously.

No police forces may enter them except with the permission of the supervisors of those establishments. Government officials and employees are directly liable under civil and administrative criminal law for acts carried out in violation of rights. It must endeavor to aid and assist mothers, children and the aged. The law specifies the conditions for protecting flora and fauna, and punishes violations thereof.