Twenty-year-old Leah’s been in a state of collapse since her boyfriend’s fatal accident. His aunt swoops in and saves her by providing a rent-free place to stay in. Read Come See About Me by C. K. Kelly Martin by C. K. Kelly Martin by C. K. Kelly Martin for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone . C.K. Kelly Martin, who’s written several marvelous young adult novels, couldn’t find a traditional publisher for her first book for adults, Come See.

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Come See About Me: C. K. Kelly Martin: : Books

Kelly Martin gets it. But then walks in the Irish man, Liam. This is part of why her move from the city into the suburbs is huge. Everything Leah does and feels is true to adulthood — it’s about figuring out how to tackle life when you don’t have your parents there to tell you what to do anymore.

Reaction after finding out CK Kelly Martin wrote an adult novel: The sex is steamy oh my word is it steamy but it’s less about the physical connection and much more kartin the emotional intimacy. It’s nice that this doesn’t follow the standard NA recipe.

I don’t despite having lost my grandfather in Equally emotional is the slow burning connection that Leah makes with Liam, who is also dealing with pain and loss of his own. Leah starts having an affair she wants to keep purely physical and ephemeral with an almost stranger and struggles with sse feeling of martjn her dead boyfriend and his family. They’re rare outside novel pages–sorry, ladies.


Come See About Me by CK Kelly Martin

About what Liam and Leah offer one another on a level that only comes through opening themselves up to their most basic physical desires. Her grief was cut by learning he had an affair during their marriage and how this changed what she thought she had with him. But I am excited to hear that this book–which seems to be a hit with nearly everyone– was also one with you!

And boy was it was heartbreaking at times. Print edition must be purchased new and sold by Amazon.

Leah, the main character is someone who you quickly come to care about. However, a dental emergency necessitates her finding a part-time job and a repeated chance encounters with Liam, an Irish actor from a Fair City-style television show, who’s hiding from his own life that disintegrated in a very public manner back home in Dublin, slowly draws Leah out of her reclusion.

I hope you’re enjoying World After!

Some of the things they say about that might be right, but since he’s not here he doesn’t get to decide how I should handle his absence. Want to Read saving…. Never forgetting though but still continuing to live life. Their loss was palpable on every page. I miss Bastien as a person, all the amazing things he was, but now I realize that I miss the idea of being part of a couple too.

But overall, it was alright. Within the c.k.kelky few chapters of this novel, we are introduced to our narrator, Leah, and the heart-wrenching realities she must face every day. So, I loved the subtle details or Liam’s speech patterns. What also draws me in is that it takes place in Ontario, which is really c.k.kellyy to find in books.: I love all the shades of grey in his character and in his relationship with Leah. Found about this story from a School Library Journal blog, which includes interesting commentary about the genesis of the book.


I vicini sono amichevoli, le o0ffrono un lavoro part time e quasi senza accorgersene Leh riscopre coms poco la vita. I’d have cried over his death. By then I’d discovered that fiction about young people felt the freshest and most exciting to me. Come and see about me Autore: This book was not disappointing in the least, and if anything, it proved Martin has the ability to write across audiences. The thing is, it is not easy. This is where the book had something to say about relationships.

Mentre Leah vorrebbe riacciuffare i passato, lui vorrebbe cancellarlo, entrambi sono stati scottati anche se martij modo diverso ed se vorrebbero essere lasciati soli ed in pace ed invece ogni volta che si vedono finiscono per parlare troppo, e di cose troppo intime.

This is wholly, understandably, inconceivable to Leah. She’s stopped answering the phone, talking to her parents, caring. Kelly on June 29, Or, if someone close to you has suffered that loss, you might see them. This story is just beautiful. And I got her craving for touch and her stupidity when she throws all caution to the wind. As readers, we feel the regret she experiences, but at the same time, we want Leah to allow herself the chance to give into her desires, especially with a guy like Liam who is so caring and concerned about her.