The Tzimisce are a clan of scholars and flesh-shapers. Contents[show] Overview If one were to described a Tzimisce as inhuman and sadistic, it would probably. Clan Tzimisce is a major villainous bloodline in the White Wolf Studio RPG Vampire: The Masquerade and its larger franchise, “The World Of Darkness”. One of. The Tzimisce are the most overtly monstrous and least pronounceable clan in Vampire: The Masquerade (Unless you are Greek, it’s the name.

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Is there an kind of connection between Vicissitude and Koldunic Sorcery in any way?

Tzimisce – 1d4chan

Vicissitude is clwn key to the Tzimisce’s dominance. Their history stretches back to the early days of eastern Europe, when their Antediluvian and namesake made a pact with a powerful demon known as Kupala, freeing it from its earthen prison in exchange for magical knowledge.

Unfortunately, they are almost always drawn to vice and hedonism, and are very easily addicted to illicit substances and activities – resulting in the loss of many fortunes over the centuries; for this reason, many Tzimisce have begun to tzimidce if the Zantosa would be caln off being consigned to extinction Though they do not possess the power of Vicissitude except in especially rare casesthe Warlocks unknowingly harbor the same shards of the Eldest’s soul that the Tzimisce do.

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Basically the young ones hang around a single estate or apartment furnished by their servants, they are overlords of their humans and insular lords of their keeps. Once again the Turks howl outside the gates. Any Storyteller can do what they like with the material, I for one isn’t that fond of everyone-is-Vicissitude-is-Tzimisce, but there is really more to that story than one in-character opinion.

Once they had adjusted to their new forms and created new magic Disciplines to replace the true magic now lost to them, they quickly set about converting as much of Ceoris tziimsce possible – so as to ensure that their nature did not become known to the rest of the Order of Hermes.

Well it can’t be, because the idea that the Children of the Dracon can refuse the vaulderie and be permitted to live another day is even downright impossible. Although descended from a background of nobility, the typical Sabbat Fiend is unconcerned with petty social interplay; thus, Social Attributes with the notable exception of Appearance are rarely primary.


Tzimisce are exceedingly private beings, placing great value on the sanctity of the haven.

VtM – WhiteWolf: Genealogy — Tzimisce

As with all Clans, the Tzimisce possess three vampiric Disciplines: Their quote explains a lot:. In its wake, the Clan fractured into a loose-knit family of Kindred, united only by blood and traditions.

However, some Tzimisce claim no rank at all, and simply offer their services as members in order to exploit the potential for fresh resources and further their own mysterious goals. Wicked broods of Tzimisce even develope in this manner, with the master Fiend of the domain or a favored childe spawning some sort of blighted love for one of the residents of the area and bringing her into the night.

The Fiend’s blood calls out to the land, and many childer petition their sires for the right to go and claim their own domains – a right many sires grant, having grown sick of the very sight of their get before long and wondering why the bothered to Embrace them in the first place.

However, he does not attack – yet. Blighted by alienation, isolated from the world by the barbarism of their native demesnes and reviled as monsters by those who witness their nightly affairs, the Tzimisce are an exercise in utmost cunning and utmost wickedness.

Upon tzimizce the area, players find that the battle has been witnessed by several thousand people, and thanks to the presence of several camera crews in the area, it’s been broadcast to millions more. Thousands of tzimiwce lives have been taken by my hands.

Tzimisde know that Koldunism and it’s rituals are the basis of the Sabbat ritae, we also know that Tzimisce spreads itself through Vicissitude, so it would be safe to assume that it could all have been a ploy of Tzimisce himself to speed tzimicse and propagate his “tainted” blood.

Originally posted by Telgar View Post. Not saying it’s a trustworthy source, but leaves me wondering if there’s any other similar mention in any official source. That’s not koldunic in any way?

With Yzimisce widely-held reputation as a coward and a fool, few Sabbat vampires are inclined to believe him – and those who come to believe his claims have an alarming tendency to vanish before they can spread the rumors any further.

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I am this land. For example, when Tremere diablerized the Antediluvian Saulot and justified his transgression by having his Childer declared devil-worshipers and hunted almost to extinction, Clan Tzimisce were among the few allies the fleeing Salubri could find: Unfortunately, when elder Tzimisce finally joined their younger counterparts in America, the Clan was once again divided when the senior vampires attempted to lay claim to what the younger Kindred had earned; the resulting conflict allowed the Camarilla an opportunity to gain a toehold of their own in the United States, and by the time the minor civil war came to an end, they had managed to seize most of the north for themselves.

Valuing their havens as private kingdoms, the Tzimisce regularly use ghouls in order to make these havens more tzimksce – usually by transforming them into living pieces of furniture. Search in titles only.

In truth, however, the Tzimisce are hardly the refined nobles doomed to a tragic unlife of unrequited desire, though they can be. I always understood that the blood of each clan conveyed somehow the connection to a discipline and that Each vampire from a clan, could easily be taught discipline from his clan, yet, take Mortis, which clah the discipline imprinted into the Giovanni – Cappadocius blood that flows through their vein, the Giovanni discipline path would then be considered an out of clan discipline, it is similar yet alien to the Cappadocian blood.

Last edited by Pleiades ; Constantinople clann Night is the major source on Obertus Tzimisce and their practices.

Clan Tzimisce

Flawed, but our greatest – and only – hope nonetheless. Ravnos used Animalism to make his Clan eat each other into tzimixce minor bloodline in a few nights. So this group is calling themselves by the name of an ancient Methuselah, you know like the ones we in the Sabbat destroyed to gain our freedom.