Cavitation in Chutes and Spillways. Front Cover. Henry T. Falvey. U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, – Cavitation – pages. of cavitation and the design tools necessary to eliminate or reduce the damaging effects of cavitation in chutes and spillways. The monograph discusses basic. The course is intended to give the participants an understanding of cavitation on chutes and spillways. The course will be introduced with a video of a case study.

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To learn more about how to request items watch this short online video. In another case, calculations suggest that two aerators instead of three would have protected the entire spillway length from cavitation damage and at a cheaper cost. cavitatino

In this section Open Close. The basic shapes of aerators are a ramp, an offset and a groove. His Internet home page is http: FALVEY suggested that the cavity subpressure should be less than one tenth of the critical pressure ratio for sonic velocity to prevent excessive noise. More about caavitation reservoir sedimentation in Australia Catalogue Persistent Identifier https: More about Minimum Energy Loss culverts.

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Prevention of Cavitation on Chutes and Spillways

His research interests include design of hydraulic structures, experimental investigations of two-phase flows, applied hydrodynamics, hydraulic engineering, water quality modelling, environmental fluid mechanics, estuarine processes and natural resources.


Further information on the Library’s opening hours is available at: More about Minimum Energy Loss weirs Also available via Internet from the Reclamation Bureau web site. CHANSON a,b presented detailed measurements of free-surface aeration along a spillway aerator model and in the downstream flow. Hubert Chanson edited further several books: The damaging effects of cavitation erosion may be reduced or stopped by decreasing the critical cavitation number e.

Five Learning Objectives of This Course: Request this item to view in the Library’s reading rooms using your library card.

Cavitation in chutes and spillways [microform] / by Henry T. Falvey | National Library of Australia

A For steep spillways, the first aeration device must be located near the upstream end of the channel to ‘trigger’ the free-surface aeration process and to use self-aeration in the downstream flow region to maximise air entrainment. In the downstream flow region the air content tends to the uniform equilibrium air concentration for the channel slope see Self-aeration studies. The presence of air bubbles within the flow might also affect the collapse mechanisms, re-directing the water hammer jets away from the solid boundary.

Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply. All the spillway length downstream of the first aerator is protected from cavitation damage and no additional aerator is required as long as the channel slope is larger than 20 degrees.

The main flow regions above a bottom aeration device are: Air bubbles are redistributed downstream of an aeration device as in self-aerated flows and there is a complete analogy between the flow downstream of an aerator and self-aerated flows. Discussion The quantity of air supplied by the air ducts is not always an caviyation design parameter in term of aerator efficiency.


National Library of Australia. A clear understanding of the difference between cavitation and cavitation damage. Practical considerations The designers of aeration devices must: You can view this on the NLA website. Falvey Short publications of J.

A clear understanding of cavitation and how it is formed.

Cavity collapses generate extremely high pressures in their immediate vicinity. These results are important and they suggest the following design recommendations: Student Edition” IPC Engineering monographs ; no. How do I find a book? We will contact you if necessary. More about steel dams The beneficial effects of aeration on chhtes cavitation damage.

Cavitation in chutes and spillways [1990]

You might also be interested in. The contribution of the downstream free-surface aeration is an uppermost important parameter, often neglected by sipllways engineers. Nurek tunnel spillwayaerators had to be shut down to reduce the excessive aeration in the tunnel.