Commentary on Revelation, or the Apocalypse [E. W. Bullinger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Reprint of Revised and. Bullinger, Henry. A hundred sermons Upon the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, revealed by the angel of the Lord: but seen or received and written. The Apocalypse by E.W. Bullinger | Preface must mean its own sending forth or its own unfolding.* and the statement is that no prophecy of the. Scripture ever.

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We have an account of the various events which are apocalgpse take place in heaven and on earth, connected with His visible unveiling. Jennifer Jacobs rated it it was amazing Oct 05, That is the one great object of all the future events, seen by John in vision, and recorded for us in the Apocalypse.

And it is made known, it says, specially, to his “servants,” as we saw in our previous point. Therefore it must have been in one of those many “visions” which he says he saw at different times; and probably during those three preparatory years which he spent in Arabia Gal.

From that time the coming “seed of the woman” has always been the hope of God’s People, and hence He is “The Coming One. There is a related title which is also very significant, “the living God.

Philologos | The Apocalypse by E.W. Bullinger | Contents

The 1st day they call Dies Dominicathe Lord’s Day i. Jeffrey Gonzalez marked it as to-read Aug 25, Last, what is the relation between exegesis and homiletics in the sermons of Bullinger?


The members of that Body are merely waiting to be “received up in glory” 1 Tim. The Second Vision “on Earth” viii.

Heinrich Bullinger and the Apocalypse

The Sixth Vision “on Earth” xvi. Because, of the “Mystery” or the secret concerning the Church of God, we are told that it “was kept secret since the world began” Rom.

We ask whether this does not give the book of Revelation a very special connection with the Old Testament, and with Israel? Philologos Religious Online Books Philologos. Go to page top Go back to contents Go back to site navigation.

Matt McClard marked it as to-read May 31, Research Heinrich Bullinger and the Apocalypse. The double testimony of two witnesses, in Daniel and Revelation, bespeak the fact that this title relates entirely to the earth, and to man.

The same may be said of the judgments, which follow on the lines of the plagues of Egypt, and therefore are to be just as real: Paul, written during the Dispensation of the Acts, while the offer of the Kingdom and the King was still open to Israel iii.

Yet these facts are better and more fully accounted for by the adoption of the name “the Lord’s Day” for the Sunday; while it serves to throw light on the transition from the original name of “the first day of the week.

It is thus clear that the use of this title twice in Revelation i. What was the importance of Bullinger s sermons on the Reformed opinion of the Catholic Church of Rome?


The first occurrence of the expression which is the key to its meaning is in Isa. Our point is this; that the first use of the title “the living God” has to do with the voice apocalylse of the midst of the fire ; and the last use of it in Rev.

Heinrich Bullinger and the Apocalypse ()

It is useless, therefore, to make any objection on this ground; for if a Hebrew wanted to say “the Lord’s Day,” he must say “the day of the Lord. The Seven Assemblies and their Promises 1. Some Christians still perpetuate the name of the Lord’s Day bullinged Sunday: We are merely stating certain important facts which must be taken into account by any who are seeking to find out what the Book of Revelation is all about. If our readers will compare all the occurrences which we now give of this title, “the living God,” they will see how as a whole they refer to Israel, to Gentiles, to the earth, to idolaters, and to idols.

Hullinger Later Pauline Epistles. The wonder would be if it were not. The isles saw it, and feared; the ends of bullingerr earth were afraid.