Every bond between friends and new lovers are put to the test when lies and deceit overshadow the best of intentions. And Sydney soon learns the price of fame. Every bond between friends and new lovers are put to the test when lies and deceit overshadow the best of intentions. And Sydney soon learns. Sienna Mynx-Black Butterfly_SexChecksFinal – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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It advertised the casting call would be by invitation only. Portia is a selfish bitch and losing everything was the only thing that could make her change her ways?

As soon as Nolan sets eyes on Sydney he knows that he wants to get to know her and he doe Wow what can i say. To dance one day on Broadway, and be a star.

Black Butterfly by Sienna Mynx

Trivia About Black Butterfly. But things sta Spoiler Free Review “Then you’ve got your head in the sand, honey. Supporting characters were terrible and just plain peeved me.

One minute a character is freaking out about something, the next they aren’t, one minute something is a problem, the next it’s not. Just wish the other characters and the plot could have supported him better! She stared at his dick in wonder. There were other things as well, but if I go on too much longer, I’ll never stop. Sydney knew she had to cut her from her life, but Trish kept wanting them all to be friends — when they had clearly reached the point of no return in their friendship.


Set up a giveaway. I must say the cover alone was worth the purchase of the book. The premise behind this story has echoes of Fifty Shades, though I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s trying to mimic in any way.

To dance one day on Broadway, and be a star. She is the gorgeous, African-American, women with a body to die for I really wanted to love this book.

But still, I tryed not to overanalyze their relationship. I kept butyerfly it and feeling like the whole book it was spelled wrong and was maybe a typo.

Childlike mental case and 3.

Overall this was just ok for me. Books by Sienna Mynx. Determined and a bit hopeful over the audition of her dreams, she pushed past several more people and quickened her pace. I really liked the twist thrown in about Trish and her background i did not see that coming.

Each woman had her own demons to deal with which allowed the author to showcase her talent by letting the reader experience the dynamics of girlfriend relationships. But it was Nolen that stole the show, if you love a good grovel scene you will get one here. Sydney Allen has a fred.

They cross paths butrerfly Nolen goes to watch the production he’s considering executive producing, the same one Sydney is trying out for. The idea of a struggling dancer, that is very talented with a kind and gentle heart.

Portia did not redeem herself whatsoever even to the end. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.


Black Butterfly ~ Chapter 1

I liked Nolen ever more for that. That is until she meets the Executive Producer of her show–Nolen Adams. This entire relationship w Why do I keep picking up these horrible rich boy ‘romance’ books?!

The only sour note was when I became impatient with Sydney, when she had a little pity party, thank God it only lasted for a day. Desperate to grab something for support, the only option left was to snatch hold of the person next to her. A quick check of her watch and Sydney realized valuable time had been lost. I did have to keep reminding myself of Nolen’s age, at times he acted liked a much older man. Her hair, an inherited trait from generations of women in her family, had become a curse.

Despite her efforts to achieve her chance at stardom through handwork and discipline, she is forced to address the admiration of her Producer. One dree found this helpful.

Black Butterfly by Sienna Mynx

His lust and Sydney Allen has a dream. Trish’s past, sienba horrific, was expected and no surprise at all. A rich guy showing interest in a young woman trying to make her way in the big city.

No, Sydney, they are not babying you because you’re a country bumpkin. While on her audition, she gives herself a pep talk, she’s overheard by Nolen Adams. While there were a few good scenes here and there, for the most part it was predicatable.