Barbara Frale è una storica italiana, nota per gli studi sui Cavalieri templari e sulla Sindone di pubblica per l’editore scientifico. Vatican historian Frale supplies plenty of facts about the controversial Crusaders. The Templars – Barbara Frale – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. An explosive new history of the medieval world’s most powerful military.

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I sotterranei di Notre Dame 3. The author does provide a good overall history of the order.

The results of this research were then shown in the essay edited by Il Mulino, I TemplariBolognawhich received positive remarks on the cultural pages of different Italian and foreign barbra and was translated in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Czech.

Though not a bad read, I did find it somewhat disappointing.

Barbara Frale

Dec 05, Reuben rated it it was ok Shelves: Too many names and dates, not enough barbra detail. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Since no other monastic order in the Catholic tradition had ever born arms against actual rather than spiritual enemies, the foundation of the group required some creative theological solutions.

This appears to be a straight forward history of the intriguing order of warrior monks that so captivate the popular imagination, ala Dan Brown.


I would recommend this short and informative read. The author debunks common remplars about the origins, organization, rise to prominence and ultimate demise of the Knights Templar, using troves of documents she unearthed from the Vatican Secret Archives.


In November Tmplars Frale claimed that she had discovered the burial certificate of “Jesus of Nazareth” on the Shroud of Turinand that the date was in accord with the Gospel records.

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Frale was able to use old and forgotten documents to put together this insightful book. Views Read Edit View history. Frale has written books about the Templars and she has a special interest in the history of the Shroud of Turin. La dottoressa Fra Ottima sintesi della nascita, vita e morte dell’affascinante Ordine dei Templari, nato inizialmente per difendere i pellegrini che si recavano a Gerusalemme dai saraceni predoni, poi mano a manp diventato vero esercito contro gli invasori arabi e poi tramutato in banca per poi decadere per intricati motivi politici reliosi ed economici, ma soprattutto per una sfortunata serie di eventi in ultima la grande sete di potere del re di Francia che addirittura voleva diventare papa.

Barbara Frale (Author of The Templars)

Aug 26, Jeff Miller rated it it was amazing. The Secret History Revealed. As the fourteenth century dawned the King of France, Philip the Fair, frae covetous eyes on the Templar wealth and was engaged in a continuing battle with the pope over political power, He accused the Knights of heresy, sodomy, and whatever.


Refresh and try again. Interesting work Not sure what was so secret.

Return to Book Page. The Excommunicated Emperor and the Holy King. The military order was originally intended to protect the interests of the king of Jerusalem during the Christian occupation of the Holy Land between the 12th and 14th centuries. He lives in Perugia, Italy. Bythe Christian territory was divided into four large states: In nome dei Medici.

Either the Temple or the Church of Rome.

barbara frale Archives – The Templar Knight

But there wasn’t much here I hadn’t read elsewhere. She explains how and why the templars were formed, to whom they answered, how long they supposedly lasted, their secret rituals, and how they finally came to an end. Jan barbsra, Bish Denham rated it liked it Shelves: These Latin states were governed by noble courts in much the same way as their counterparts in Europe. He died from cancer on February 19, at the age of East and West War and SelfDenial.