Balaji. Product. Media Center. Contact Us. Careers. Snacking its way to success A tough competitor for multinationals: Chandubhai Virani · More >>. Sitemap. Balaji Wafers | Download and Upload Project Reports related to Balaji Wafers. Research Reports on Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd. exceptional RESULTS. CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL. A Focus on Quality. The driving force behind the Balaji Wafers project has been to improve quality and.

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All the business activities revolve around the production process. The manufacturing of wafers and namkeens is little high in the winter and in monsoon season i.

Balaji group is also a member of snacks food association. Its big taste revenue i. A correct perspective the industrial relations position is possible on an appreciation of the stages of development through which a country has passed over a period of time to the present moment.

For supplying wafer and namkeens of local brands to the patrons of astron cinema, Rajkot. In balaji wafers there does not exist any separate personnel department for achievement of goals. The main benefit they got is the readymade infrastructure availability due to which their cost was galaji to large extent. To maintain appropriate fixed capital the company follows various measures. The materials which are light in weight and which has very possibility of damage are transported manually.

Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd.

Production function is the conversion of raw material into finished goods. Human Resource Department Recruitment and selection Human resource information system Wage and salary administration Training and development Employee benefits and services. To improve job performance. Where they check the raw material and finished goods both.

It must evaluate the effectiveness of each part of marketing mix and introduce necessary modifications to remove discrepancies in the actual execution of plans, policies, strategies, procedures and programmes. In this way they can also control the production.


Company should gives replacement guarantee for sales increase. They both understand each other and there is no incident of any such dissatisfaction or strike. International market hold when reputation and quality lroject company is good and main affection factor is price. This helps he company to keep appropriate amount of cash with them. To avoid wastage of finance the company first decides the project and then the finance is procured.

Balaji Wafers – Wikipedia

It is the pattern in which various parts of the company are interconnected. Concentrates on giving performance appraisals to its employees. Company has purchased certain very costly equipment for this purpose. Mostly salaries are paid at the end of one month. In this company they do not have projecg. For the last 3 years is as follows: Each pdoject is combination of tangible plus intangible. Fixed capital is mainly required for the fixed assets like machineries, land and building and other assets.

They mostly train their employees as per on job training. Also gives various benefits and services to its employees. Time or day wage system. Promotion is a form of communication with a additional element of persuasion to accept ideas, products and services and hence wwfers communication becomes the heart of promotion. Promotion can be used as a recruitment source for higher positions. The term working capital is commonly safers for the requirement of capital for daily operation of business i.

It is said in a competitive market without promotion nothing can be sold.

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Without a product, there is nothing to distribute, not to promote, nothing to projecr. Home Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd. As in case of promotions, transfers are utilized to place employees in position where they are likely to be more effective or where they are likely to get greats job satisfactions.


Production process has to adopt itself to number of changing factors like capacity, lead-time, flexible trade-offs between material, labour and capital, trade-offs between volume and variety, etc.

The selection of raw material should be proper. By their retail success they were inspired to set a semi-automatic plant instead of preparing wafers by the traditional frying method.

Financial planning helps prjoect to avoid waste by providing policies and procedures which make possible a closer co ordination between various functions of the business enterprise.

We now come to the most absorbing question of pricing. To the consumer, wqfers brand name is a mean is of identification of the product as well as means of differentiation of he branded product from its rivals.

Today the existence of any manufacturing unit depends on the quality of product or services it manufactures or supplies.

You do not have the permission to view this presentation. The personnel department helps management in securing, using, and development appropriate, manpower to achieve the organizational objective. To help determining promotion and transfer. At these time company refers the entire portfolio of the employee, during his stay with the company and accordingly decides promotion and transfers.

Such selection of sub sets as homogenous group is called market segmentation. Resource management and waste management are halaji to wafer other.