4, In, months I DREAM of: For instructions and discussion on how best to use this worksheet, visit this blog post describing it. 5. 6, H A V I N G. 7. 8, STAR?. In The 4-Hour Workweek, #1 New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferriss, teaches you how to escape the , live anywhere, and join the new rich. “The 4-Hour Workweek is a new way of solving a very old problem: just how can we work to live and prevent our lives from being all about work? A world.

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Phil Williams 1 year later. Dreamliine and a must-see prior to finalizing plans. Certain countries require proof of inoculations to pass through customs. This is where Amazon and eBay power users find not just drop shippers, but also wholesalers and liquidators.

Solio is about the size of two packs of cards and fans out into small solar panels.

Jessalynn Coolbaugh 2 months later. Steven Cates 1 year later. Think location and reviews see HotelChatter next instead of amenities. Drop me a note from the Caymans or jail, whichever comes first. I spend the first hour thinking about the goals, my progress, and the next piece. I know, a little behind. Stop swimming upstream and start responding to stories people are already working on. Good reasons to learn the law: So when Dreeamline completed my form I used monthly only, it gave me the correct figures I needed to write my actions steps, and act.


I use the same process here for goals dreamlune work. End-to-End Site Solutions with Payment Processing Shopify — This is a reader favorite that, in addition to beautiful design, offers full SEO search-engine optimizationdrag-and-drop use, statistics, and product fulfillment through one of their certified partners such as Fulfillment by Amazon.

I put together a web tool that helps people to spend less time with email.

I need to see the high-level goals in front of me on a daily basis to remember what the most important things are sometimes I feel like the lead character in Memento. Props to Tim for developing the first Dreamline exercise and to David Schwartz for what I believe is the original inspirationas well as Dan and Ian for actually motivating me to do it.

Thanks for the QA work, Hayden. FlashBack 1 year later. Then I deliberately make a to-do list with the most important things.

Defining Success in Life: the Dreamline Exercise

You should really subscribe to Technotheory via email or rss. Freamline can also get a U. Fantastic book, let me thank you dearly — outsourcing almost all of the work is like a charm… and stress relieving! No monthly fees, 1. Facebook Twitter Email Reddit Print. More thanmerchants trust Authorize.

Updated 4HWW dreamlining worksheet: ExpertClick — This is another secret of the PR pros. The dreamline is the first step in evaluating the status quo: The Couchsurfing Project — Similar to the above but tends to attract a younger, more party-hearty crowd. Funny Women Write from the Road. Nevertheless, I was able to download the older version of the Dreamline Worksheet, but am interested in the adjustments you made for Cost Type.


What a beautiful spreadsheet, too! Yet another reason to purchase necessities abroad instead of taking them all with you. Or, the way Horu like to put this to people is: Create a poll in 30 seconds and forward a link to several people. The next part is to work backward. The site scours a variety of other rental search sites and aggregates the results in one easy-to-use search tool.

Net Payment Gateway can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably. This is one-stop shopping for most mini-retirements.

– Dreamline worksheet: a follow up to the Four Hour Workweek

The Thorn Tree — Discussion forum for global travelers with threads separated by region. The key for me owrk the visual aspect. Once upon a time. How long can you afford to be away? Big Projects and First Steps Aim for progress, not perfection.